The Future of Virtual Reality in Online Casinos

Online casinos have become increasingly popular over recent years, offering entertainment and fun as well as real money casino experiences.

Virtual Reality (VR) technologies will soon begin to draw players and bettors from non-VR gaming platforms since they provide a completely new and realistic gambling experience that 2D and 3D games cannot compete with. Ultimately, VR technology appears to have the potential to turn the industry upside down with completely immersive games that will force casinos to adapt to new technologies to survive.

While no dramatic changes in the operating of online casinos are predicted in the short term, when VR technology becomes mainstream, casinos will be able to offer an experience that gamblers have in a land-based casino. In the meantime, players can still enjoy playing baccarat online with a VR headset for an enhanced experience. When technology takes VR to the next level, games will be far more exciting than what is currently on offer. Check out this interesting History Of VR.

Growth in betting

VR technology in the online gaming and betting industries is expected to be worth about USD520 billion by 2021, a rise of 800 per cent from 2020. This is helped by advances in technology in the business, with the first online casino embracing VR technology back in 2015. There have also been rapid strides in the race to develop fully functioning virtual reality Poker rooms, one of the online real money games which can most benefit from the technology.

VR live casino games

Currently, the VR casino industry is very new and only a few good games have emerged, but there are a number of platforms still in development. As in real life casinos, tables in VR games will have different membership levels for players at different skill levels, with an in-game scoreboard allowing players to see other players winnings. To encourage loyalty, casinos offer bonuses and promotions, but with VR technology driving the experience to a whole new level, these offers will not have the same impact as currently.

VR Integration

While VR devices are not needed at many VR casinos, players who play with the software’s Windows models miss out on some amazing features, accessing the lesser 3D platform.  While VR devices already exist, there are many still under development which are aiming to encourage more customers to take up the latest offers in some of the top casino games including blackjack and keno.


The future of VR casinos

Both VR and AR have already changed the world of video gaming and the same impact is likely for the online casino industry. VR casinos replicate brick-and-mortar casinos, dedicated to drawing in real money players. However, developers can also include unique opportunities for players such as a VR casino in a major city or playing online blackjack on the moon that clients will find hard to ignore.  As VR and mobile devices continue to advance, headsets are expected to work better and the virtual reality casino space will undoubtedly be a lucrative business.

It is likely that online casinos will integrate with the larger VR experience, offering a tour through Las Vegas with the help of integrated technology. Currently, there are online casinos purely for entertainment and others that are real money casinos and while recent advances in VR hardware and software have shifted the platforms of the best online casinos from 2D to 3D, it is VR that immerses players right into gameplay via an authentic casino interface with a VR headset and iGambling VR-compatible gaming platform.

It is expected that table games will have progressive features that mean players can meet other real-time players, interact with the dealer live and have discussions in-game. There is also the capacity to show movement of the hands and body and watch these movements in other players. Players can also relax in the lounge or order a cocktail at the bar, which makes the VR experience as realistic as possible.  You can even light a cigar while playing!

The future of online casinos comes with enormous potential whether play is on a smartphone, tablet or PC. In combination with AI and AR, VR will change the gambling industry with new products appearing on the market to provide the best experience.


VR and AI Technologies

VR technologies will become integrated with AI, which is already used extensively in the online casino business, particularly through monitoring consumer behaviour and suggesting items following their interests and internet searches. This allows for a higher level of customisation for customers.

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