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The New Game Putting Kung Fury and David Hasselhoff Back in the News

The cult movie Kung Fury from 2015 is long forgotten by most people now, but it’s just come back into the news thanks to the release of a video game based on it. What can we expect from this new game and how is it catapulting a star of the past back into our lives?


All About Kung Fury

Written and directed by Swedish filmmaker David Sandberg, Kung Fury is a martial arts comedy with a retro 80s theme that was crowdfunded through Kickstarter. Set in Miami, it featured an outrageous script where time-travelling detective Kung Fury (played by Sandberg) is given amazing fighting prowess when he’s bitten by a cobra and struck by lightning.

Due to the limited budget, Sandberg recreated the Miami setting in his office in Sweden, while the fact that he only had a single police uniform meant filming each cop separately and then merging them with the action on the screen

It has earned 39 million views on YouTube and mainly positive reviews from critics as well as a series of awards at film festivals around the world. Plans were made for a sequel called Kung Fury 2, with Arnold Schwarzenegger to play the US President and a bigger part for Hasselhoff, who had a brief cameo in the original. However, despite filming being completed, the 2022 release date was delayed indefinitely, which you can read more about here.


Picture 1
Kung Fury screenshots – DrMongrolMan” (Public Domain) by Douglas Tofoli​​​​​​​


What About the Game?

The Kung Fury: Street Rage game was brought out in 2015 and was based on the classic fighting games of the past like Street Fighter and Double Dragon. Updates have been made to it a couple of times since the original release, with the latest version called Kung Fury: Street Rage Ultimate Edition.

The inclusion of Hasselhoff in the game has captured many of the current headlines and could be the key to further success. He’s currently also starring in the Wheelz Casino site where he introduces a 100% bonus plus 100 free spins that see it included on the list of the top Canadian sites for slots. Visit now to learn more about this site and others such as LeoVegas and Lucky Days with similar offers. The star appeal of Hasselhoff helps this casino to reach new players in a crowded market with lots of similar offers, and the creators of the new game will be hoping to see have him a similar effect.

The game is set for a limited run of physical copies for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 consoles, which you can find more about in this press release. The new game created by Hello There Games is based on the original and includes a number of improvements including the addition of Hasselhoff as a playable character, alongside Kung Fury, Hackerman, and Triceracop from the movie. A digital version of the game is already online for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.


The Future of Kung Fury

With the long-awaited Kung Fury 2 movie still on hold and with no sign yet of a release date, fans of the cult classic will be keen to play the new version of the game based on the movie. It promises to add something new to the franchise until we get a completely new game or movie to enjoy.

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