The Snuts 1883 Playlist Takeover

To celebrate the release of their debut album “W.L.” Scottish indie rock band The Snuts takeover 1883’s weekly playlist with a curated selection of tracks.

The boys from Whitburn, West Lothian have finally released their debut record: “W.L.”, a powerful & euphoric collection of tracks from the indie rock group. The band, comprising of Jack Cochrane (vocals/guitar), Joe McGillveray (guitar), Callum ‘29’ Wilson (bass) and Jordan ‘Joko’ Mackay (drums), spent years working in odd-jobs during the day and perfecting their craft by night, garnering a feverish and passionate fanbase in the process.

As a way to celebrate the release of their debut record, Jordan & the boys are taking over 1883’s playlist this week with a selection of curated tracks that they listened to while making their debut record.


“All My Friends” – LCD Soundsystem

One of the first bands that lead me to listening deeper into the production on tracks. Showing how effective simple repetitive beats & riffs can be the foundation to let the song do the talking.


“Blood Bank” – Bon Iver

An artist who can slip seamlessly between massive production on tracks to a low fi acoustic & a vocal. The raw honesty of this track makes it hard not to feel.


“Palace of Bone” – Peter Doherty 

The libertine himself in all his glory. Painting pictures of back stabbing pick pockets, with jangly guitars entwined around his lyricism. I find the way he tells his stories through his lyrics massively visual – and you can picture all too clearly the smoky back rooms and dastardly deeds of a Britain long forgotten.


“i saw you in a dream” – The Japanese House

Haunting indie pop, the melody sticks with me all day if I even think of this track.


“The Boxer” – Simon & Garfunkel 

A track from one of the first albums I ever owned, gifted to me by my grandad. The drums around the chorus on this track are so simple and effective it made me realise how precision & intention are absolute key in conveying the message on a track.


“Sabotage” – Beastie Boys

Just a beat that makes you wanna break stuff and bounce around. I was listening to this track in a studio in Brooklyn while we were working with producer Inflo, who seemed intrigued by the track at the time. I’m convinced this is one of the inspirations behind Don’t Forget It (Punk) – even if it was subconscious.


“Boardwalk” – The Snuts 

This is probably one of the most personal tracks to Jack on the album. It’s written around the tranquility of waves rolling into a boardwalk, far from home. For me, when we play this track live It’s almost spiritual, it connects everyone on the stage with its aura. A testament to a beautifully written song.


“Doomsday” – MF DOOM

I love the mythology around Doom. An evil villain sent back from the abyss to strike fear into an industry that wronged him. His tales of rising up from being dropped by a major label, to becoming entirely independent lay it all out there about the nasty deals behind show business.


“I’ve Just Seen a Face” – The Beatles

This was one of the first songs I remember all our mates would play at parties, or on the streets of our hometown when we were younger. I didn’t even know it was the Beatles, the first time I heard it was Jack playing it!


“Always” – The Snuts 

We recorded this track in London with Tony Hoffer just before lockdown struck early last year. This was a raw vocal performance, with Jack singing straight from the soul. The music that accompanies is honest & direct – propping the emotion of the vocal up and allowing the message to be delivered with no frills.


“Ghosts” – Laura Marling
A song that reminds me of so many parties from our youth, with us and our mates smashing out songs on badly tuned guitars. This track was a staple of those days and I can’t listen to it without looking backwards, fondly.


“Light Years” – The National
A band I had never stopped to appreciate in the past, but over the past few years have grown to be an absolute staple of my listening. The National have the ability to connect straight to your soul with few words, never in a rush to get to a chorus, but always sonically & lyrically intriguing.


Check out The Snuts debut record “W.L.” & tickets to their 2021 tour are on sale now.

In collaboration with Kelsey Barnes

Photography by Gary Williamson

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