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The Top 5 Trending Wedding Dress Styles for 2023

Many brides feel pressured when it comes to finding the perfect dress, especially if they brought a group to the store.

The pressure can take a toll and negatively influence your decision. Fortunately, you can do your research and have an idea of what you want to try on.

When it comes to picking wedding dress styles, there are a few designs you might be considering. Continue reading to discover the best dresses that 2023 has to offer!


1. Minis

One of the hottest wedding dress styles of 2023 is minis.

Mini wedding dresses are perfect for a quick ceremony, hot climates, and comfort. You don’t have to worry about carrying around a heavy dress all day and if you get too warm, you can grab a shawl! The best part about getting mini dresses is that they cost significantly cheaper than ballgowns.


2. Shimmers

Your ring doesn’t need to be the only thing shimmering under the lights while you dance to your first song.

Many bridal collections are creating dresses that dazzle and sparkle. White and silver speckles all over your dress will make it look like you’re a queen. The shimmers aren’t too distracting to pull away from your beauty, they create a feminine and soft appearance.


3. Vibrant Colors

White dresses are no longer necessary, traditions are changing and you’re happiness takes priority.

If you want non-traditional dresses that are stunning, go here for a wide selection. Black, pink, and blue are some of the most popular colors for 2023, but you can choose whatever you connect the most with. Rainbow-colored dresses have also become a trend for all types of weddings.

Colorful dresses can make you feel more relaxed on the big day and can enhance your photographs.


4. Transparency

Wedding dresses are known for being big and bulky, and a lot of brides are sweating by the end of the night.

If you want a dress that isn’t too revealing, but also shows some skin, transparent dresses are recommended. Lace, Chiffon, and other materials can lightly cover your body and add a lot of detail to a simple design. Trending transparency dresses use sheer layering and have a flowy fit.


5. 3D Flowers

If you’re looking for a boho chic or feminine dress, you should keep an eye out for 3D flowers.

3D flowers are great for a classic bride or a non-traditional bride since there are so many styles. You can get as crazy as you want with the flowers, making them colorful or only incorporating them in small sections. Depending on the dress, these flowers can be subtle details or make up the entire design.

Women with slim body types often wear these dresses to emphasize their curves. You’ll feel like a princess walking down the aisle with flowers in your bouquet and all around.


Have Your First Kiss in These Wedding Dress Styles 

Although it may not be your first kiss ever, you still want to look good and feel confident during the first one as a married couple.

Discovering the different wedding dress styles can help you find one that’s just as perfect as your partner. Don’t be afraid to get creative with 3D flowers or non-traditional colors. Your wedding dress should hold meaning for you and enhance the experience.

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