Things You Must Know about the Popular Streaming Service Disney Plus

Disney Plus has become one of the most sought-after streaming platforms that drop recent theatrical releases immediately and offers content from franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and more. Basically, Disney Plus has a content range from every significant production & animation house around the globe. Above all, there is a massive library of Disney-owned National Geographic content.

Sadly, only a few make it to the Disney Plus available countries list like Canada, Australia, Italy, the UK & the US. Therefore, look at what it offers & decide if it’s worth your money. Here’s the ultimate guide on all the must-know features of Disney Plus to make an informed decision:


Disney Plus Subscription Plan

Disney Plus has a subscription plan which costs $7.99 a month & asks for $79.99 a year. In the offered plan, the viewers & subscribers will have access to all the content on the platform. Also, the platform is available in a few regions only so far. Additionally, viewers in geo-restricted areas need to opt for a strong & solid VPN.

Moreover, Discovery Plus also plans to launch a much cheaper & feasible subscription plan but with frequent advertisements.

Compared to Disney Plus, platforms like Netflix cost $9.99 a month with the benefit of watching it on two devices simultaneously. On the other hand, Apple TV costs $4.99 a month, along with the edge of an all-year-long free plan if one also opts to buy a device.

Safe to say, Disney Plus isn’t exactly the most expensive streaming platform despite having a wide array of titles — thus making it an excellen pick.


Streaming Platforms vs Conventional Television

The ever-increasing streaming platforms are indeed giving a run to conventional Television. So much so that the head of the media & technology consulting firm hypothesized that Canadian Television, in particular, will drop to void, especially post-2022.


Disney Plus App

Disney Plus viewers & subscribers can view the content through several devices & modes, including iPhone, Android, iTunes, the Disney Plus website, TVs & more. However, since the app is only available in a few regions, viewers in geo-restricted areas need a strong & solid VPN brand like ExpressVPN to access top-notch content.

What does Disney Plus offer?

Are you also wondering what Disney Plus is bringing in the year 2022? Disney Plus, one of the world’s giant platforms, has a plethora of content libraries to offer. From award-winning films, shows & documentaries to live-action, horror, thriller & family-oriented genres & even sub-genres, the platform has covered you exceptionally well.

Moreover, the recent library includes star-studded films like `Cheaper by the Dozen’, ‘Disenchanted’ & ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ along with the most awaited ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’, Baymax & more. There is also a compact & properly curated list of Marvel & DC comics. 2022, however, saw substantial Marvel hits on Disney Plus, including Doctor Strange, Eternals, Thor’s Love & Thunder & more.

Whether it is a marvel or the perfectly tailored DC comics list or anime, thriller, horror & family drama content, the Disney Plus platform has everything. Earlier, Disney Plus signed a contract with another giant streaming platform, Netflix, to release its movies right after the theatrical release. Unfortunately, the deal broke after the Disney Plus platform launched its services.


Myths Attached?

Disney Plus was called out for removing certain shows & movies based on their rating system. It came from platforms like CNBC & Variety, one of the most prominent media outlets claiming that the 1946 live-action film ‘Song of the South’ was widely spread. The reason to call out the platform was being insensitive & racist towards the African-American culture & black people’s culture at large.

The reality is that the film never got a release on home video in the United States. The Disney Plus CEO Bob Iger had even clarified the myths back in 2011, saying, “the film wouldn’t sit right with a lot of people today.”

Another controversy attached to the Disney Plus platform was about a scene in a film called ‘Dumbo”, which had a particular crow named after the well-known American Segregation Laws. It perpetuated that it was pretty derogatory & insulting for the African-American culture. The reason why the film’s final version released a precautionary message saying, “the film may contain some outdated culture depiction.”


Streaming Platforms Slate

Recently, Disney Plus has proved to be one of the most successful, star-studded & trail-blazing streaming platforms. Even though the platform has been around for only two-plus years, the menu encapsulates more than 3000+ content titles. In addition, there’s a coliseum of many streaming platforms today.

In comparison, Apple TV has a much smaller content library, but the presence of star-studded & original movies & shows makes it worthwhile. Bell Media’s Crave also releases original HBO content on its platform. Moreover, NBC Universal is likely to release its streaming platform. The availability of already established platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Discovery Plus, HBO & more add even more choices viewers & consumers alike.


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