Thrillhouse – Something About This Place

Brighton pair Thrillhouse unveil their sky-soaring debut album Something About This Place.

There is something deeply infectious about Thrillhouse’s new body of work, Something About This Place. Bringing together succinct production and deft lyricism, the album demonstrates the duo’s knack for blending whatever genre they fancy — from alt to indie to country. This soundscape provides the musical palette to both explore as artists but allow their listeners to be exposed to evoking sonics. The band, consisting of Sam Strawberry and Jack Nielsen, described the 11-track body of work as “a hark back to childhood – to simpler times, before ambition, failure and regret wrapped us up with our dreams and tossed us crashing back down to Earth.”

The catalyst to the album’s creation? The band swapping tales of childhood. “The concept for the album came about on a cold night in Sam’s pokey little flat trading childhood stories with Jack to the soundtrack of ‘Born In The USA’.” Diving into their own childhoods, the pair fused the nostalgia-induced sounds with modern flair, touching on letting go and embracing ‘what will be, will be.’

Something About This Place is out now.


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