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Top 10 Private Label Clothing Suppliers for Your Brand

Starting an online business is great, but most people think that not having something unique will badly affect their business. In the case of the clothing industry, people want to start their own brand, but thinking of work related to factories or textile machinery will hold them back. Private label clothing suppliers solved this problem. They help people build a brand with unique garments by taking their designs and creating high-quality clothing with their brand’s labels. If you want to start your own clothing brand, don’t forget to explore the top 10 private label clothing suppliers discussed here. 

Top 10 clothing label suppliers


Shewin Wholesale not only offers quality clothing, but they are also famous for turning your designs into reality and helping you make your own brand. They specialize in private-label clothing, which means they’ll take your ideas and create garments with your brand’s labels and tags. In addition to being the best woven label supplier, Shewin also offers customization options, so you can design your own label tags and even create bespoke details on the clothing itself. From graphic tees and maxi dresses to office apparel and loungewear, Shewin has various categories of clothing. Moreover, they never compromise on quality and offer low MOQs, which makes them the best choice even for small boutiques and online stores. Even for private-label clothing, Shewin works best for all due to its reliability and affordable wholesale prices. 

Zega Apparel

Another good private garment label supplier is Zega Apparel, which offers the best clothing from various categories like t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, onesies, skirts, and many more. They offer 100% personalization from fabric and labels to dyeing and hang tags. If you pick Zega Apparel, you can get fabric processing, cut & sew, customized embroidery and dyeing, printing, and packaging. 

Steve Apparel

Starting as an online clothing store, Steve Apparel has now become a top private label clothing manufacturer in the US. From trendy casual wear to quality fitness clothing, Steve Apparel offers cut and sew, customization, and private labeling. The brand has helped many startups and is still working diligently for small to big businesses. 

Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel is another of the best private label clothing that fulfills the needs of Americans. Their production includes clothing for men, women, and children. Although they started as a small business, they worked hard and are now supplying products to small and big retailers, national fashion houses and brands, and luxury stores. From knitting to cutting and then sewing to dyeing, they efficiently and diligently perform all work. 

Affix Apparel

Located in Los Angeles, Affix Apparel is a leading private label clothing supplier specializing in manufacturing and distributing diverse apparel across the US. They deliver to both major clothing brands and small boutiques; they offer products including sportswear, jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, and jackets. Affix Apparel provides a lot of services, from material sourcing to shipping. They support brands with various services, from grading and pattern design to sampling and sizing.

USA Clothing Manufacturers

This IS manufacturing company delivers to various retailers and fashion brands. They offer products from all three categories: men, kids, and women. They always deliver high-quality clothing with up-to-date styling and durability. They offer customization at all points, from cut and style to color print and pattern design. As one of the best white label clothing suppliers, they provide efficient work, from logo design and customization to fast delivery. 

Stylus Apparel Group

Stylus Apparel is a premier private label clothing supplier. They specialize in manufacturing and custom branding to meet customer specifications. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, they offer a range of branding services, including printed and woven labels. The production unit easily handles custom apparel with expertise in screen-printing, embroidery, and sublimation, thus offering high-quality personalized garments and smooth quality control processes for customer satisfaction. 

Apparel Branders

Apparel Branders is another of the best private-label clothing manufacturers. When it comes to customization, the brand offers various solutions, from cutting & sewing to knitting, dyeing, and printing to decorating and packaging efficiently. Its low minimum order quantities make it further a good choice for small businesses also. With organic manufacturing capabilities, they provide in-house services like pattern making, sampling, marking & grading, embroidery, printing, sublimation, and various decoration methods. Apparel Branders excels in creating custom clothing alongside stock blanks and private label items, supported by advanced technology for efficient operations and high-quality results. This makes them a trusted partner for premium custom apparel solutions.


Alanic is another US private label manufacturing company. They offer apparel in kids, men, and women categories. The brand is known for its in-house manufacturing capabilities. Alanic not only integrates design, art, and technology, but it also prioritizes sustainability. They’ve rapidly grown into a global brand, serving various communities, from sports and fashion to fitness. Their commitment to producing high-quality, ethically and sustainably manufactured clothes defines their success and industry reputation.

Argyle Haus of Apparel

Argyle Haus is a private label apparel company that designs, sews, prints and delivers apparel efficiently. They provide comprehensive, in-house services to various clients, from startups and established boutiques & designers to companies and national brands. The company manages everything from technical design and product line development to full fashion apparel collection creation under one roof; Argyle Haus ensures exceptional production quality and value.


From small to big boutiques, Private label clothing manufacturers cater to the demands of every size of business. They help people build their brands without the stress of making heavy investments and factory issues.

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