Top 5 Facts About Mail Order Brides

Exploring the world of mail order brides reveals a fascinating mix of cultures, backgrounds, and personal stories. Often misunderstood, the reality of these women and their search for love is far more complex and rich than popular myths suggest. In this article, we’ll uncover five compelling facts about mail order brides, covering everything from the most popular countries they hail from, to their ages, marital statuses, and more. Our aim is to paint a more nuanced picture of these women, moving beyond stereotypes to appreciate the real diversity and motivations behind their decision to find a partner in this unique way.

#1. Most popular countries

The search for international partners is a global phenomenon, with the United States leading in curiosity about mail order brides. Interest also spans across Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, and the UK, though the latter two prefer the term “mail brides.”

According to mail order bride statistics, Ukraine, China, and Colombia are the front-runners in the mail order bride scene, contributing to most profiles and aligning with the high number of K-1 visas from these countries. Russia, Vietnam, and Venezuela also emerge as popular choices, reflecting a diverse interest across Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America. Cities like Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Medellin, Moscow, and Beijing stand out as key hubs for those seeking international matches, illustrating a dynamic landscape of cross-border connections facilitated by technology.

#2. The average age of a mail order bride

It’s a common misbelief that mail order brides are typically very young, often in their early twenties. However, the reality tells a different story. The average age of women engaging in the mail order bride process is around 32 years old, revealing that many are at a stage in their lives where maturity and experience play key roles in their decision to seek love internationally.

Here’s a closer look at how the average ages vary by region:

  • In Asia, particularly in China, the average age is 35.2 years, reflecting a trend towards older brides in the region. Korea and Japan show similar patterns, with average ages of 36.5 and 35.5 years, respectively.
  • Southeast Asia, on the other hand, sees slightly younger brides, with Thailand’s average at 27.4 years.
  • Moving to Eastern Europe, Ukrainian brides have an average age of 31.4 years. Neighboring countries like Poland, Belarus, and Russia have younger averages of 31, 27.3, and 28.9 years, with Belarus recording the lowest average age among them.
  • In Latin America, the average age of brides is 30.7 years, highlighting a preference for slightly matured brides in the search for international marriages.

These figures challenge the stereotype of the youthful mail order bride and show that women of various ages find value in looking for partners beyond their own countries. Each age brings its own experiences and expectations, enriching the tapestry of international relationships. To learn more about the best sites to find mail order brides—read on

#3. The most common marital status on mail order bride websites

In the landscape of mail order bride websites, the profiles paint a picture of diverse life experiences and backgrounds. The most frequently encountered marital status is those who have never been married. Here’s a breakdown of the marital statuses found:

  • Not married: Dominating the scene, over 37,000 profiles out of 48,479 are from women who have never tied the knot.
  • Divorced: Approximately 10,000 profiles belong to women who have experienced marriage and decided to part ways.
  • Widowed: A smaller yet significant number, 878 profiles, are from those who have lost their spouses.
  • Still married: Interestingly, 36 profiles are from currently married women, perhaps seeking companionship.

The data also sheds light on the presence of children in these women’s lives:

  • No children: A significant 69.17% of women report having no children, indicating a majority preference or circumstance.
  • One child: Making up nearly a quarter, 23.86% of the women have one child.
  • Two children: A smaller fraction, 5.22%, have two children, showing a decrease in numbers as the number of children increases.
  • More than two children: The data becomes sparse here, with the majority having three children, and a singular profile mentions having “5 or more” kids.

This marital and parental status overview not only provides insight into the personal backgrounds of mail order brides but also correlates with their mobility and decision-making regarding moving abroad. In 2022, for instance, 16.11% of women moving to the U.S. on a K-1 visa brought children from previous relationships, highlighting the complex and varied dynamics of families formed through international marriages.

#4. The most common mail order bride religion, level of English, education


  • Christianity is the leading religion among mail order brides, with 60% identifying as such, reflecting the religious backgrounds of countries like Ukraine and Colombia.
  • Non-religious individuals make up 32.44%, a significant portion, especially from China.
  • Buddhists and Muslims are relatively rare, at 0.72% and 0.11% respectively.

English proficiency

  • Advanced English speakers constitute 20%, while native-level fluency is claimed by 4.05%.
  • The majority have intermediate (44.99%) or beginner (21.23%) levels, with Asian brides notably more proficient.


  • A strong 63.22% have a university degree, and 28.79% have a college degree.
  • An additional 2.67% hold a Master’s, Bachelor’s, or Doctorate, totaling 94.68% with higher education.

Lifestyle choices

  • Non-smokers account for 98%, and social smokers make up the small fraction who smoke.
  • Over half do not drink alcohol, with 29% identifying as social drinkers and less than 0.1% drinking frequently.

Physical characteristics

  • The most common body type is slim, followed by average and athletic, indicating a range of physical appearances among the brides.

This concise overview challenges stereotypes, showcasing the diversity in religion, language proficiency, education, and lifestyle choices among mail order brides, while emphasizing their generally high level of education and healthy lifestyle preferences.

#5. They are all different

The idea that mail order brides form a homogeneous group couldn’t be further from the truth. Each woman behind the profile has unique experiences, dreams, and backgrounds. From the cultural heritage that colors their perspectives to the personal aspirations driving their search for love, these women defy simple categorization.

Their interests cover the entire spectrum of human curiosity, from the arts and technology to nature and culinary arts, showcasing their multifaceted personalities. This diversity underscores the complexity and richness of the mail order bride phenomenon, reminding us of the individual stories at the heart of this global search for love.


To sum it up, mail order brides are a diverse bunch, each with her own unique story. They come from different backgrounds and have various goals, defying the stereotypes that often surround them. At their core, they’re just individuals looking for love and a partner to share life’s adventures with. Their journeys remind us of the many ways people can find connection and love in this vast and interconnected world.

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