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Trendsetting Shades: Fashionable Sunglasses in 2023 and Timeless Styles

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Sunglasses transcend mere functionality, serving as intricate accessories crafted not only to shield the eyes and delicate skin from harmful UV rays but also to convey myriad expressions. They possess the remarkable ability to imbue familiar appearances with nuances of flirtation, romance, or enigma. In the realm of eyewear, we unveil the upcoming trends for designer sunglasses in 2023 and offer guidance on selecting enduring designs that will remain relevant in the ever-changing fashion world.

Fashion Trends 2023

This season, designers are embracing a wide range of experimentation and self-expression. Every style is in vogue: from slim and oversized to classic round and rectangular, including aviators and cat’s eye. Consequently, no dominant or counter-trends prevail, enabling you to confidently select accessories that align with your personal taste and style. The fashion landscape of 2023 celebrates an exuberant array of shapes and colours, drawing inspiration from previous years’ models yet also introducing some captivating ideas.

Oversized Glasses

Responding to the pandemic and the need for added coverage in crowded environments, designers like Roberto Cavalli and Saint Laurent have unveiled bold and extensive glasses that cloak half the face. These imposing and mirrored opaque “masks” not only shield from the virus but also from prying gazes. Ulla Johnson offers oversized square frames as part of this trend.

Colourful Lenses

Vibrant and pastel lens shades will undoubtedly serve as a focal point for your ensemble. Accompanying frames can be white, subtly metallic, or even match the lens colour. The spring-summer collections have introduced an array of captivating interpretations of this trend. Standout models can be found in Sunnei, Christian Dior, and Versace. It’s noteworthy that Donatella Versace and Paul & Joe also present another intriguing fashion trend—matching glasses that harmonise with the attire.

Total Black

Balmain, Saint Laurent, Michael Kors, and a host of other designers invite us to embrace the allure of the “Total Black” style in the upcoming season. Fashion-forward sunglass shapes featuring these lenses include square, trapezium, and slender, elongated frames.

White Glasses

The colour white remains a perennial favourite for summer, both in clothing and accessories. Opting for fashionable white frames is a guaranteed win this season. Noteworthy examples grace the new collections of Sportmax, Elie Saab, and Max Mara.

Elongated Elegance

Among the most current trends, you’ll find narrow, elongated glasses boasting rectangular or oval contours. Designers at Max Mara, Louis Vuitton, and Nanushka present comparable women’s sunglasses in 2023, showcasing this elongated style.

Triangular Frames and Cat Eye

Playful “cat eye” designs have morphed into geometric triangles with an artistic flourish in the new season. No ambiguity—everything is unequivocal! The most pronounced triangular frames take centre stage at Stella McCartney and Saint Laurent. For those who prefer softer edges, Dior, Lanvin, and Vivienne Westwood offer a selection of “butterfly” and classic “cat eye” frames.

Coloured Frames

Women’s sunglasses in 2023 dazzle with an expansive palette of colours. Max Mara and Tory Burch introduce glasses with acetate frames featuring tones of red, lilac, orange, and caramel.

Unconventional Shapes

Creatives often perceive reality through a distinctive lens. As such, unconventional and occasionally impractical shapes no longer elicit surprise. This paradigm shift is embodied by innovative designs that push the boundaries of convention and comprehension. Nicolas Ghesquière unveiled models featuring “tiaras” adorning the brow, frames resembling butterfly wings, and glasses taking on the guise of a festive carnival mask.

Five Ever-Fashionable Sunglasses Designs

Investing in stylish sunglasses is a prudent addition to your wardrobe. When you invest in a high-quality design that transcends passing trends and time, you’re securing an accessory that will faithfully accompany you for years to come, seamlessly complementing every ensemble you choose.

Cat Eye Frames

Boasting an oval shape with elongated edges reminiscent of feline eyes, cat eye frames come in various materials – metal, plastic, and even wood. Opting for a black plastic frame with trapezoidal or oval lenses proves most versatile, infusing your look with a touch of femininity and grace.


Originating from aeronautical roots, aviators feature expansive lenses designed to provide a panoramic view while shielding the eyes from intense sunlight. Their sleek, thin metal frames and temples ensure comfort during wear, adding a touch of functionality to your style.


A perennial classic cherished by celebrities from Hailey Bieber to Naomi Campbell, wayfarers maintain their timeless appeal. Their versatility shines whether paired with casual “streetwise” ensembles of shorts and tees or elegantly enhancing summer mini-dresses and evening attire.

Rectangular Frames

For those drawn to wayfarers yet seeking a more refined and delicate option, consider elongated sunglasses within a rectangular frame. These maintain the same foundational versatility while exuding a lighter and more subdued aura.

Panto Frames

A universally flattering silhouette, panto frames lend an exceptional flair to your look with their distinctive rounded contours and metallic frames. These eyewear gems radiate boldness and emphasis, embodying a style that has persisted since its inception in the 1930s, asserting its presence on the fashion stage without faltering.

Selecting the Perfect Sunglasses for You

When it comes to choosing the right sunglasses, it’s crucial to consider both the overall shape of your face and its distinctive features, particularly your eyebrows. Your eyebrows, whether raised in surprise, furrowed in thought, or arched in curiosity, convey a wealth of emotions and serve as an unspoken form of communication.

Sunglasses achieve a harmonious balance when the upper frame mirrors the arch of your eyebrows, positioned approximately 2-3 millimetres below, seamlessly integrating without visually segmenting the brow. It’s important to note that glasses that fully conceal the eyebrows and extend over the forehead disrupt proportions, transforming the face into an expressionless facade. Hence, these models necessitate careful and deliberate selection.

Embrace Contrast

The often overlooked facet of contrast in appearance holds pivotal significance when determining the colour palette for accessories, sunglasses included. High-contrast appearances manifest in individuals with white skin and dark hair. Fair-haired individuals generally exhibit low to moderate contrast. Notably, luminous blondes with platinum tresses and sun-kissed skin can also fall into the high-contrast category.

Harmony is most pronounced when accessories and outfits align with the individual’s contrast level. Hence, those with high-contrast appearances are advised to opt for frames in pure white or black, as well as vibrant hues corresponding to their colour type.

Individuals with low-contrast features, where transitions between shades are subtle, may find bold frames to appear unnatural and incongruous. Delicate accessories in soft hues are better suited for them.

Visual Comfort Matters

Beyond aesthetics, sunglasses must also cater to your visual needs. The best eyewear should not only harmonise with your look and attire but also offer unobtrusive vision. Upon trying on the sunglasses, conduct a thorough examination by glancing around, looking upward and downward. Ensure that the glasses facilitate unimpeded spatial awareness, particularly if you intend to wear them as your daily urban companions.

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