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Trollishly: How to Check That If Someone Logs into Your TikTok Account?

Are you a savvy TikTok user and doubtful that someone is accessing your account? If yes, you have to take the necessary steps to check that your TikTok account is being used by someone else or hacked. Also, you have to know that the process takes a long time and is too complicated. However, once you read this article, you will know how to check that someone is using your TikTok account easily.

If you click on your TikTok application and see content that you haven’t uploaded to your account, you have to determine that someone is using your account. First, you have to set up a new password for your TikTok account. Many users on TikTok are planning to become influencers and often buy tiktok followers to enhance their fame. They won’t compromise their security, so they change their TikTok password often. So if you plan to become the most trusted TikTok influencer, always stay active and check if there is any suspicious activity on your account to remain secure.

Let’s kickstart this article to know more!


How to Check Over Your Last Activity on TikTok?

TikTok is well-familiar because of its user-friendly interface, allowing users to see who has logged into their account. The best thing is that users can view the notifications on the platform. Also, a great barrier to TikTok is that the users have to come across many frameworks. Fortunately, TikTok has positioned itself as the most secure social media platform.

If you want to view your login information, the first thing is you have to request your profile data in TikTok settings. Remember that TikTok will take nearly two days to gather your data. At the same time, you should know that the report will also be available for only four days, so ensure download within four days. Moreover, Trollishly says to look over your profile frequently and obtain the ZIP file before the download link expires.

Once you have downloaded the link, you can see the login information on your TikTok application. Here, get to know how to perform it.


#1 Log into your TikTok application on your phone. While you log in, select how you will log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, or using your phone, email, or username. Otherwise, sign up using your credentials.

#2 Once you log in, the home screen will appear, and there are a lot of suggestions for videos. Then click on your profile picture, which is on the downside right of the screen.

#3 TikTok will direct you to the profile screen that shows your account information. It is similar to Instagram’s profile layout. On your TikTok application, click on the settings button in the top right of the home screen.

#4 Click on Privacy and safety.

#5 You will now explore the Personalization and data section.

#6 Move over to the next screen, and you will explore the Download your data. Additionally, there is a personalized ads slider. Click on download your data.

#7 TikTok will explore the Download your data page, which contains Request data & Download data.

You can ask for a copy of your TikTok information on the Request data tab anytime. At the same time, to process your request, TikTok has set a time limit of 30 days.

#8 This step is optional if you have requested your data. You can click on the Download your data tab. It explores the status of your request and informs you that it will take 1-2 days to get your Zip file.


How to Download the Data?

After you get a notification that your data has been ready, you can download it. The process takes much time, so ensure to follow the steps below:


#1 Tap on the TikTok application and download your data page.

#2 You will explore a checklist of your data request. You will see only one entry if you have requested it for the first time. If not, click on the red Download button next to your recent request.

#3 Next, choose the browser to complete your download.

#4 The browser will direct you to the TikTok site, and you will explore the available options to log in with your details.

#5 Enter the Captcha. You will also explore the puzzles.

#6 You will get verified and get a Login success message.

#7 TikTok will send you a text message with a four-digit code for verification. Remember, every time TikTok sends a message that it charges for that. So type the code within the given time limit and click the Continue icon.

#8 Now, you can download the ZIP file by clicking on the Download button.


How to View Your Login Details?

You would now explore your login details or history if you downloaded the data. To know how Trollishly recommends, you can read the steps below.


#1 Click on the TikTok application.

#2 Go to your profile icon.

#3 If you navigate to your profile, check your Inbox icon.

#4 You will now see All activities. Check your Account Updates and click on them.

#5 Next, you will be directed toward the Account Updates screen. In this place, you will explore all your notifications for your account. First, look over the current Account Login notifications and click on them.

#6 At last, you will explore the Manage Devices. Here you will see the checklist of devices logged into your account.


Security Measures

Do you not want to compromise your security? If yes, immediately run an antivirus scan on your smartphone and change your TikTok password.


How to Reset Your TikTok Password?

As a TikTok user, to stay safe, reset your password by following the steps below:


#1 Tap on your TikTok application.

#2 Click on the profile button.

#3 Navigate to the Settings.

#4 Then, choose the My Account section, followed by the Password.

#5 Next, you will receive a four-digit number through email or text. Type it in the fields.

#6 Type your new password and click Next.

#7 Go back to Manage my account, and you have successfully changed your password.


Final Takeaway

In this fast-pacing world, staying aware of security while using social media platforms is more important. After reading this article, we hope you know how to manage your TikTok account and stay secure by encountering unknown devices. At last, it is always suggested to set a strong password and change it frequently to avoid all the security risks.










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