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What is Social Casino?

Social casinos are popular websites that allow gamblers to play games with their friends.

Customers can choose from different games and access them either from mobile device or desktop. These games can be also found on popular networks like Facebook or real money casinos in Australia.


More About Social Casinos?

Social casinos are provided by different companies. In some cases, you will have an opportunity to enjoy independent community gambling sites, while in other cases, you can choose from famous online providers. Speaking about players’ preferences, they usually choose sites provided by famous gambling platforms. Raging Bull casino is a perfect example of a platform for sociable gamblers.

Players who are interested in accessing community oriented casinos can download popular options and access games for free. As soon as you start the gambling experience, you will receive free coins to use them on particular games. These sites look to attract as many users as possible, providing an easy entry for all interested users.


Difference Between Social and Online Gambling Sites

If you are wondering about the differences between social and online platforms, we can bring closer the elements of both opportunities.

Check some facts about sites for sociable users:

  • They don’t provide real gambling opportunity
  • These platforms can be legal in jurisdictions which prohibit online gambling
  • There is no monetary risk related with them (the providers don’t charge for placing bets but only for upgrades or similar)
  • users can choose from various games
  • You can access them from apps any time you want
  • These sites are very engaging providing gamblers with different features such as games, tournaments, challenges, and much more


Here are some facts about online casinos:

  • Here you will enjoy a real online gambling experience
  • Some countries don’t allow the activity
  • Customers can lose money while playing them
  • There is a limited number of available games


Pros and Cons 

Social casinos become must choose options for many regular gamblers. However, we should also speak about their benefits and drawbacks. It means that customers can find both good and bad sides of them:



  • An opportunity to play games anytime and anywhere (just pick the location and start playing favorite options)
  • Completely free to access and play (there is no need to make a deposit to access social platforms. This is the perfect opportunity for gamblers who just start their gaming experience.
  • A lot of different bonuses (here you will be provided with regular perks and bonuses, improving the entire gambling experience)
  • Community-based websites provide customers with a wide selection of games. Here you can find everything from slots, roulette, poker, keno bingo. There is no chance to get bored with these options.



Speaking about the drawbacks of social betting, we can mention some of them:

  • Excessive playing can lead to addiction. Even without depositing real money, customers can develop addiction problems which are not recommended for any online activity
  • Some casinos will ask players to pay for additional services. Of course, you don’t have to give money in order to place a wager, but providers will find a way to charge you. It comes in form of adds-on, special gifts or bonuses
  • Many users would argue that one of the drawbacks is the lack of possibility to earn money when choosing the same sites.



As you conclude, both real money and social gambling have their benefits and bad sides. We can expect that number of players at both platforms will increase in the future which will be positive for the overall growth of the betting sector.


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