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What Is The Point Of A Birdbath?

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Birdbaths are increasing in popularity since their introduction in the 1830s. But, until now, a lot of people are still fascinated with their beauty.

However, it’s only us that are attracted to this garden accessory. Truth be told, it’s a familiar favorite among the bird species and a helpful one at that.


Your birdbath is a life-saver for birds!

There’s a couple of reasons why you might want bird bath fountains for your backyard. And it’s understandable. But are you aware that your birdbath is capable of helping these tiny creatures?

Birds are naturally drawn to water as they need to hydrate and use something that could remove the parasites, dust, loose feathers, and other debris they may have had to contact with their bodies. But, more importantly, it helps them cool down during the intense summer heat.

Isn’t it fascinating that you have successfully decorated your backyard and made a difference in an animal’s life? This is perfect if you have the interest to provide a habitat for these birds that visit you!


Can I get them in different styles?

Like the other decorations in your backyard, birdbaths are typically available in basic designs, so you’ll have an option of which to buy that would suit the appearance of your desired area of installation.



As the name suggests, a heated birdbath is meant to provide heat that is practical to install during colder weather.

For instance, whenever winter comes around, all water sources turn into a massive block of ice. So animals have to be resourceful to keep themselves hydrated.

Heated birdbaths could be an additional accessory to existing birdbaths, and you could even opt to buy the fully heated models.



This one’s a classic that stands between three to four feet on top of the ground with a post-style vase and an elevated water dish.

It is generally produced from plastics, concrete, ceramic, or metal incorporated with various colors and decorative designs.



A dish is just a simple saucer that could be a shallow bowl made in various heights and installed on the patio table, ground, steps/stumps, and fence.

You could even avail yourself of the models that are hanging dishes or those attached to the deck railings.

And don’t forget to level the water 2-3 inches deep, along with adding some rocks to the center or an overturned saucer to create a more shallow island for birds to sit on.


Do you have a personal recommendation?

We’re glad you’ve asked! We actually do, and we’ll discuss how our top birdbath pick is up to standards!

It was none other than the Camellia Birdbath Fountain. It is an excellent choice to improve your backyard’s look, thanks to its classy style that exhibits elegance as you walk past it.

The birdbath was also incorporated with a flower spout above the basin, which gives the friendly birds plenty of room to play and splash water.

Assume you’re concerned with the outdoor environment. In that case, we’re pleased to inform you that this birdbath is available for purchase in a range of colors that will compliment the majority of your backyard’s decorations, measuring 25.25″ L x 25.25″ W x 34.5″H.



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