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What Traveler Can Anticipate at Casinos Aboard Cruise Ships

For many people, cruise ships are only about scenic views, ocean breezes and delicious food. But this journey is more exciting if you gamble simultaneously. That is why cruise ship casinos are popular among numerous gamblers who need more new emotions. It offers a unique combination of luxury and the opportunity to try your luck while surrounded by the vastness of the open sea.

On the other hand, online casinos players are often looking not only for exciting casino games but also for the convenience of fast and hassle-free transactions. There are decent casinos with fastest withdrawal times that can also offer a positive impression. These casinos prioritize convenience by providing an enjoyable gaming experience for those who love wagering on casino games.

Returning to the topic of ocean trips, many people regard them as a gimmick. What kind of table games are there? Do people get awarded cash? Does a reputable authority regulate the establishments? These and more frequently asked questions will be answered further on.

Do All Cruise Ships Have Casinos?

Most major cruise ships have a casino on board. They include

  • Royal Caribbean,
  • Carnival Cruise Line,
  • Holland America,
  • Princess Cruises.

Most expedition ships, such as Atlas Ocean Voyages and Aurora Expeditions, do not have gambling facilities. The situation is similar with specialty liners like Disney Cruises or Paul Gauguin.

Among luxury lines, two can be distinguished – Silversea and Seabourn. They have excellent premium establishments on their non-expedition ships. There are no casinos aboard river voyage companies, not even on US rivers, because gambling on “riverboats” is reserved for casino boats.

Casino Opening Hours on Cruise Ships

Although fervent gamblers may wish to engage in casino activities while the cruise ship is in port, it is not feasible. They usually operate when the boat is in international waters. This is why cruise ships that do not leave the US territory do not have a gambling venue on board.

However, like any rule, there are exceptions. Malta and Bermuda are ports that permit ships to operate their casinos while the boat is in port. Here, local authorities require cruise lines to apply for a gaming license, after which they can conduct casino-style onboard entertainment in port.

Licensed vessels in Bermuda are authorized to provide gambling services between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. This is significant as there are no land-based casinos here, and many cruise ships overnight in port during Bermuda excursions. Malta, which has regular gaming facilities, permits licensed operators to open their casinos from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Casino Games In Cruise Ships

A multitude of games provide exceptional entertainment while gambling at sea. All cruise ship casinos have the best slot machines and table games, including blackjack and various versions of poker (Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, and Let It Ride). For example, some cruise ships have dealer tables (mostly Royal Caribbean ships) to play Texas Hold ’em alongside a number of players. In contrast, others use electronic Poker Pro tables (Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line). Most casinos also have at least one roulette, craps, or baccarat table.

Is It Possible to Win on a Cruise Ship?

Of course, winning is not only possible, but it also adds to the thrill of the overall cruise ship experience. It is important to note that, as with top casinos, winning is not guaranteed, as the outcome is determined by chance. However, it is not uncommon to come across stories on social media about people consistently winning four- and occasionally even five-figure sums of money. The key is approaching the gameplay regarding cruise entertainment and fun while recognizing the inherent element of risk.

Cruise Loyalty Programs

This may surprise some, but numerous ocean trip lines offer players all sorts of casino amenities, including a loyalty program. While each board has different rules for privileges, a few things are basic to all. The points you can earn are usually tied to the time played and the money you spend. Bonuses accumulate throughout the year, enabling you to improve your perks as you progress to higher status levels. Annual free or discounted cruises are a few of these benefits. Reputable companies even give instant rewards for the points earned (i.e., money spent) on an individual voyage, regardless of status.

Most ocean trip lines offer complimentary tickets to their passengers to occupy cabins during periods of low demand. While the attractive bonus casino offers seem random, such promotions are done for marketing purposes and are not unprofitable for the companies. Even new players may quickly get these attractive bonuses as ships are interested in attracting customers.

Regulation of Cruise Ship Casinos

Cruise ship casinos are regulated in several ways. The jurisdiction regulations in which they are officially recognized are adhered to. However, since gaming usually occurs outside U.S. territorial waters, ships respect the International Association of Cruise Lines rules. Thus, all equipment fitted to the vessel meets the Nevada Gaming Control Board standards. Each table has to post the minimum and maximum betting limits. There are also age restrictions, so only adults are permitted to play any of the gaming options.

Tournament Organization

Like internet casinos, cruise ship establishments frequently host tournaments featuring various activities. The most common are slots and card games, among which blackjack and Texas Hold’em tournaments prevail. All members of the high-level loyalty program receive unique invitations to numerous exclusive competitions. One of these is the Signature Cruise from Royal Caribbean, held regularly for the most loyal customers.


If you are a fan of online casino games but want something new, then cruise ship gambling is your choice. It is an interesting way to have a good day and get incredible emotions from a unique, exciting experience. During your sea voyage, you may learn new games you don’t know how to play, participate in tournaments and try to make a fortune. In addition, if you are a big player, you may get into the loyalty program and spend another free day on the cruise ship. Since the odds are the same here and at a land-based casino regulated by reputable authorities, participating is safe and will leave unforgettable memories.

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