Why World Should Take Inspiration From Israeli Lifestyle



Israel is a small country, but it punches above its weight in various ways.

It’s one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and has some of the highest rates of education. In 2021, 46% of Israelis aged 25 to 34 had a tertiary qualification, compared to 47% for all OECD nations. That means that young people in Israel have access to higher education at par with their peers around the world.

The Israeli government invests heavily in education – especially higher education – which allows students to get ahead and achieve their dreams faster than ever before.

Moreover, Israelis are among the wealthiest and happiest people in the world. Here are four reasons why:


Strong Culture of Innovation and Creativity

The world should take inspiration from Israeli culture because it is a hotbed of innovation and creativity.

According to WIPO’s 2022 Global Innovation Index, Israel was ranked as the 16th most innovative nation in the world. This ranking was based on factors such as patent applications, scientific publications, and R&D spending.

Israel’s culture of innovation can be attributed to its small size and population. With a population of just over 9 million people, Israel has been forced to compete globally to survive. This has instilled an entrepreneurial spirit into the country’s citizens, leading to many successful startups being founded by young Israelis.

It is important that governments around the world learn from Israel’s success in creating a dynamic business environment that encourages entrepreneurship while also maintaining strict regulations on businesses operating within their borders.


Emphasis on Promoting Jewish Values

The world should take inspiration from the Israeli lifestyle because of its emphasis on promoting Jewish values.

The “I Belong Israel” or Masa Israeli program is one of the examples of how Israel is actively working to promote Jewish ethos and values around the world. The country also emphasizes maintaining Jewish traditions and rituals, which makes it a great place for those who wish to reconnect with their roots.

The program allows young adults to immerse themselves in Israeli culture by living in the country for an extended period, learning Hebrew, and taking part in cultural activities. This program teaches participants about Israeli culture and gives them a better understanding of what it means to be Jewish and how to maintain their religious identity outside of their home country.


Recognize the Importance of Education

Israel is a small country, but it has been able to become a major player in the world. The success of Israel can be attributed to many things, including its focus on education. Israel has made it one of its priorities to provide an education for all people, regardless of where they come from or how much money they have.

The Israeli government provides free education up through high school for all citizens, which means that children from families who cannot afford to send them to school still receive an education. We should take inspiration from this because it shows how important education is and how much value it can bring to society.

According to Statista, there were more than 211,600 first-degree students in higher education institutions across Israel during the academic year 2020–2021. This number is significant because it shows how much Israeli society values education.

Students in Israel are not only encouraged to pursue their studies, but they are also given the proper tools to do so. It’s not just about getting a degree: it’s about learning how to think critically and develop strategies for success.


Military Conscription

Military conscription is a concept that has been around for hundreds of years, but it has only recently become a hot topic in Israel.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, military conscription refers to the process by which young people, usually those between 18 and 21 years old, are required to serve in their country’s military. In some countries, this may mean that they are required to serve for a certain number of years; in others, it means that they only need to do their service at one point in their lives.

In Israel, everyone over the age of 18 must be required to serve in the armed forces. While women must serve two years in the army, men must serve at least two years and eight months. However, these aren’t just regular jobs: they’re full-time positions where people work as part of an elite unit under incredibly high standards of discipline and excellence.

The reason why we think other countries should emulate this system is that it helps create a sense of national unity among citizens who might otherwise have very little in common with each other – something that’s especially important when you’re living in such an ethnically diverse nation like Israel.


Final Thoughts

The world should take inspiration from the Israeli lifestyle because it is a country that has been able to reinvent itself time and again, with its people always coming out stronger than before. It is a country that has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and continues to do so every single day. The fact that it is able to do so despite being constantly threatened by war and terrorism is an incredible feat in itself.

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