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Why would you buy a small hatchback? 

There are so many different types of cars on the market.

From SUVs and 4x4s to small compact cars and family vehicles – by far the most popular is the hatchback. You might think they’d be too small for what you need – can you pack the family and all the accompanying gear in the boot of such a tiny set of wheels? Some of the current small hatchback models might surprise you!  

The space 

One of the negatives you may have thought would be the space, but you’d be surprised at how much space these deceivingly big cars have to offer. Often more than big enough to transport three adult passengers and a driver, they also have a larger cargo space in the boot than you’d think.  

The cost 

If you’re on the market for a bigger car, often they come with a larger than life price tag too. Buying a small hatchback may be the more cost effective solution you’ve been looking for. Not only are they affordable, because they’re not too big in terms of size, it means they have a relatively low running cost too, making them a good all-rounder for the purse strings! 

Small hatchbacks for you 

Have we swayed you to consider the small hatchback for your next set of wheels? These affordable, spacious and now very stylish cars really do offer something for everyone. When you head to your local car retailer, why not take a look at these makes and models and take them for a spin… 

VW Golf 

The eighth generation of VW Golf to hit the market, the designers of the latest model have only subtly changed the overall design – it’s now lower and sleeker than the previous version. Affordable for the quality of vehicle you’ll be driving, the Golf is a popular choice among many, regardless of the length of journey’s you’ll be taking.  

Skoda Fabia 

Value for money, practical and more stylish than ever before, the new Skoda Fabia is a great car that suits a variety of lifestyles. Whether you’re running around the city or are picking the kids up from school, it’s economical and perfect for all kinds of driving styles. No matter if you’re looking for something second hand or are wanting to drive straight off the forecourt in a shiny new model, make sure you’re covered for every eventuality with a Fabia extended warranty from a reputable provider.  

Mini Cooper 

While the Mini does often come with a higher price tag than other small hatchbacks, the quality, style and character is second to none. Sharp to drive with great handling, ample personalisation options and a relatively low overall running cost, the Mini Cooper is not one to be missed when taking options for test drives.  


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