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Why You Need a Robomow RC304U Lawn Robot

If you have a big lawn and are worried about getting it mowed, Robomow is one of the most sought out lawnmowers. It is a mid-range robot mower manufactured by Friendly Robotics.

It is a fantastic machine and is one of my favorite picks for selecting robot lawnmowers. This mower can cover a lawn of 600 sq. m to 1000 sq. m area.

The outstanding features makes it incomparable with the products available in the market. It is available in a very affordable price range. This robot mower has a superior edge cutting ability with a Turbomow feature along with distinct smart features. The manufactures have specialized in manufacturing mowers since 1997 and have gradually evolved their machines, which have excellent quality. They are the leading companies in manufacturing lawnmowers. The overwhelming features of this robot lawnmower provides it with many benefits.

Design and Main Features:

1) The Robomow rc304u can mow a lawn of 600 sq. m to 1000 sq. M in size if it is flat, has no obstacles, and has a moderate growth of grass on the lawn. However, if there are obstacles on the ground, it may cut a lesser area. So, it would be your decision after accessing your lawn if this mower is suitable to your needs or if you want check the next model of Robomow up in the varied range of options provided by the company.

2) Robomow can cut up to a width of 28 centimeters and the minimum lawn height of 15 to 60 mm. It can cut at a slope at the gradient of 36%. It has a cutting-edge feature that allows it to save your lawn trimming time and manages the quality while cutting your lawn. It is unlike any Robot lawn mower which is available in the market right now. The replacement of the spare part is easy as it has a modular design.

3) This Robomow has a unique feature known as the turbo mode. So, while cutting through the big long grass, you may switch on the turbo mode for the extra power to the cutting blades of the mower. Consumers use this feature during the first time of the use or for the first cut after the winter.

4) The Robomow has a smart mow feature so that the navigation of the mower can be made easier around your garden or lawn. This feature benefits the precision with which the Robomow gets the lawn grass cut.

5) You might find it a bit noisy because it uses cutting-edge technology, which increases the efficiency of the Robomow.

6) The installation materials are given in the box and the manufacturers provide you with multiple videos on the YouTube channel which can help you with the installation process of the Robomow. The Robomow is well packed, and hence there is no risk of damage while the delivery is done to your house. You will find multiple useful tools when you open the box, which can help you mow your favorite lawn.

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