Curiosity, strategic thinking, communication, networking, efficiency, time management, curiosity, risk-taking are some basic characteristics that combine up to make up a fancy term – Entrepreneurial skills that every entrepreneur carries.

You may know it already do you? Well, if you are unaware of – what kind of entrepreneur you are or want to be plus need an idea of what particular skill you must possess.

Now, let us continue with the article and help you understand the primary difference between the thinking processes of an entrepreneur and wantrepreneur. We will cover some basic facts about entrepreneurs and help you learn where you might get stuck plus how to overcome the situation. So, without further ado let us begin by understanding exactly what entrepreneurship is and why you should opt it.

What is entrepreneurship and what benefits can it provide YOU?

Entrepreneurship – Though, the definition of entrepreneurship has been constant for decades but the concept remains the same.

“Entrepreneurship is the process to create, launch and run a business with the aim of presenting innovative products and services, initiating social change and most likely to earn profit.”

Entrepreneur – A person who designs, launch and runs a new business taking greater than usual financial risk is called an entrepreneur. Steve Jobs, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos are some of the most influential entrepreneurs of all time.

Benefits of being an entrepreneur

A true fact about an entrepreneur that you might not know and no definition mentions is that – entrepreneur lives life on his/her own terms. That means a smart entrepreneur is someone who is making a career, living its dream, and at the same time has total control of the direction and the choices in his/her life.

An entrepreneur does not have any boss, no one to hold them back, no restricting schedules moreover they can take the first step in order to make the world a better place for them and for everyone in it. Here is a list of other benefits that you can enjoy by being an entrepreneur.

  • You have the freedom to pursue your own vision and dreams.
  • You have utmost control over time and schedule
  • Autonomy – Being your own boss!
  • Constant growth & development
  • A sense of pride within yourself
  • Interacting or meeting like-minded people
  • Earn more than a salaried employee or corporate person
  • A great option to choose your team and who you want to work with
  • Increasing self-confidence and leadership qualities.
  • Chance to share your knowledge
  • Have your own office, uniform, and timing.
  • Every day is challenging and bring unexpected experience – helpful for your overall growth.

So, these were some benefits that as an entrepreneur you can have full advantage of. However, the list is not limited and can go on.

Here comes the most important and interesting part. In order to enjoy these perks, you need to understand what type of entrepreneur you want to become or what type of entrepreneur you already are, a lot of newbies, as well as many entrepreneurs, do not pay too much attention here and end up regretting, you don’t want to fall in that category!

Keeping that in mind and give you a helping hand here are the types of entrepreneurs for your convenience.

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Types of Entrepreneurship?

Remember, a person who starts his own business is an entrepreneur, however one simple term surrounds to have a variety of business types and experiences. Here below are the types of entrepreneurs for you to figure out which type you fall under.

  • Online Entrepreneur
  • Solopreneur
  • Wantrepreneur
  • Socialpreneur
  • Influencer Entrepreneur
  • Webpreneur
  • Intrapreneur
  • Lifestyle Entrepreneur
  • Multipreneur
  • Investor Entrepreneur
  • Entremanure
  • Contrepreneur
  • Mompreneur
  • Dadpreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur or a Wantrepreneur?

The most common categories you can fall under are either an Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is a person who is motivated, passionate and works really hard for his business. It is something that he/she loves to do and something he/she really believes in and has utmost faith.

Wantrepreneurs, on the flip side, are people who have very high aims and desires but lack action, they follow the trend and do not truly believe in innovation, they are driven by someone else’s passion and vision.


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