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Most Common Ways People Break the Law

The laws are not meant to be broken, but it happens quite a bit. But how?

Some people think that breaking the law is only going to be serious offenses, such as driving while intoxicated, murder, theft, etc. However, there are more common ways that people break the law everyday (and many of them actually get caught)! In this guide, we’re going to explain some of the most common ways that the laws get broken throughout the nation, and you may be very well surprised at just how many of these laws you might have broken (even without realizing it).

You Commit About Seven Crimes Every Single Week

Most people don’t even realize that they commit crimes and break the law that often (as we touched on earlier), but the average is about 7 different things that people do every week. Whether it’s pirating music, software, downloading movies, texting while driving, throwing some trash out (yes, even gum is considered littering). Conte Jaswal Law says most of these are pretty small crimes though, with almost no repercussions in most cases (those who do it the most often do get caught and can face serious fines though).

The Top Crimes

Believe it or not, the top crimes that are committed in the country are these:

1.    Drinking Under the Legal Age Limit

In America, as well as other parts of the world, drinking under the legal age requirements is still the number one most frequent law that gets broken on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this leads to other crimes often being committed, but this one is done at least once a month, and almost all kids between the ages of 11 and 20 end up drinking at some point.

2.    Pot Still Isn’t Legal in Every State

More than half of the drug charges in the U.S. had marijuana charges on them, even those that were for more serious drugs often had marijuana charges tacked on. It’s very important that you know the marijuana laws since it may be legal for you to buy in other states, but bringing it home can be illegal. It happens quite a bit though – more than people think.

3.    Throwing Trash Out

Littering is something that almost everyone does. Did you know that even if it’s biodegradable, that you’re still littering? Technically, even if you throw fruit peels or anything that’s disposable, you’re also littering. So, try not to throw that apple peel out your window (or just use it for your own compost).

4.    Pirating Music, Movies, and Software

This is a big one. The fines are very extensive, but there are many companies out there who are starting to crack down on this, such as musicians, film industry producers, and even software production companies. You should heavily consider being cautious when you’re trying to download anything that does not belong to you. What’s even worse, cyberattacks have increased with pirated music, software, and movies… and sometimes these are people who are reporting to the said companies, let alone stealing your information!


Whatever you do, it’s always a good practice to follow the law to the best of your abilities – otherwise you may need to hire a defense attorney, which is even more money out of your pocket!

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