Your Place or Mine (2023)

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On the eve of Valentine’s Day international streaming platforms traditionally add melodramatic movies of varying degrees of banality to their catalog. This year, Netflix excelled, bringing back Ashton Kutcher, the devoted lover familiar from the turn-of-the-century romantic hits “No Strings Attached,” “What Happens in Vegas,” and “Just Married,” to the genre. He was paired with Reese Witherspoon, who in recent years has appeared less and less frequently in the pink world of romcom.


Cast in the Film

A cast of actors of completely different ranks is the kind of thing that grabs you instantly. Alas, within the film’s set trajectory, director Aline Brosh McKenna’s Your Place or Mine never managed to reveal to audiences the full beauty of this screen duo. The viewers can find the wonderful actors’ work on piratebayproxylist in any genre they like. All the movies are available for free download. Now let’s talk about the characters in the movie.



The main characters of the film are childhood friends Debbie (Reese Witherspoon) and Peter (Ashton Kutcher), who live in different cities – Los Angeles and New York, respectively. And while Debbie is alone raising her ailing son Jack (Wesley Kimmel), Peter wears three-piece suits and is building a great career in business. One day Peter decides to help Debbie, tired of parental duties, to unwind – he offers her to stay in his apartment in New York.

At the same time Peter himself moves to Los Angeles to be a temporary babysitter for Jack, and at the same time to test his fatherly instincts. At some point, the characters realize that they would like to be more involved in each other’s lives.


Romcom in 2023

The funny thing is that by 2023, the romcom genre has all but lost its legendary magic. There are no more mystical curiosities and coincidences with the heroes of melodramatic films, they don’t meet each other in the middle of an empty street, they don’t press their foreheads together to romantic music, and they don’t express their feelings much. In the case of Your Place or Mine, the characters spend the lion’s share of the plot time at a distance, communicating through video calls.

The sudden introduction of technological progress into a world where magic has always reigned did not go well – and if smartphones worked as they should, the characters themselves were breaking down under the weight of toothless jokes and flat witticisms. Debbie and Peter’s interactions in the film are optional – they learn all the most important information from each other, oddly enough, from mutual acquaintances. The isolation of lovers is a rather bold script decision, which proved itself perfectly in Like Crazy Drake Doremus, winner of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. In Doremus, however, the characters were in very deep emotional contact and genuinely suffered from the impossibility of being together.


Features of Your Place or Mine

The creators of Your Place or Mine, on the contrary, form a couple on the screen, as free as possible from any mental obligations, emphasizing the infantilism of Peter and Debbie’s eternal neurosis of control. It was the latter, judging by the film’s ending, that caused the couple’s years-long pause in their romantic vibe.

Debbie struggled to conform to the pop culture-imposed image of a strong and independent woman, but in the process forgot that all superheroes are single. Saviors are not loved, and saviors are needed – Debbie is stuck in a friendzone simply because she has denied herself the right to be vulnerable all these years by not letting Peter prove herself. And just for that important thought, which is worth photographing in memory and putting in a beautiful frame, Aline Brosh McKenna’s Place or Mine deserves the viewer’s attention.



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