1883 On Rotation: Alfie Templeman, Elle Darlington, Thomas Headon

The latest in new music from remote, Alfie Templeman, Ellie Darlington, Thomas Headon & more in this week’s 1883 On Rotation playlist.

On rotation this week is the brand-new single from rising duo remote. “CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU” is a fantastic slice of bedroom indie-pop with delicate harmonies and tender vocals. Comprising of singer-songwriter and producer duo Alex and Ruben, remote is inspired by the likes of FINNEAS, Remi Wolf, and Still Woozy. Go check them out. Next up, popular indie artist Alfie Templeman is back after a long hiatus. “Eyes Wide Shut” is the artist’s first song since his 2022 debut album, Mellow Moon. The single is an exciting mix of big pop sounds, 80s funk, dance-floor-ready guitar hooks, and existential lyrics. It’s an exceptional comeback track. The Wombats frontman Matthew Murphy has shared a new single under his solo moniker, Love Fame Tragedy. The track is called “It’s Ok To Be Shallow”. It’s a heartfelt anthem with reflective lyricism. Murph said it’s about “simply letting go, giving into life and allowing its complexities to wash over you”. His new album, Life Is A Killer, is out on March 29. Artist Elle Darlington has shared the new tune, “Hiatus”. It’s  full of gorgeous vocals, 90s R&B influences, and slick production. The 20-year-old British-Chilean songwriter is set for big things this year after signing with Columbia Records.

Elsewhere in the playlist, you can find the critically acclaimed duo, Say Lou Lou. The sister duo comprising of Elektra and Miranda have shared the track, “Wong Kar-Wai”. It features dreamy production, indie influences, and serene vocals. Interestingly, the song is named after the Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-Wai who made films like Chungking Express (1994), Happy Together (1997), and In The Mood For Love (2000). New York-based songwriter Skye Houston has revealed the track, “Heart Over Head”. It’s a mid-tempo, introspective earworm with lo-fi production and stellar vocals. Thematically, the song takes aim at the nature of toxic relationships whilst Houston gives a raw and captivating performance. Tamara Kramar has dropped the breezy and extremely fun song, “Mother Nature”. It’s a concoction of jazz, soul, and pop sounds with cool vocals. The single is lifted from Kramar’s forthcoming sophomore EP which is expected to drop in June. Finally, Australian artist Thomas Headon has shared a sublime burst of energy with the single, “Middle Of The Night”. It’s an alt-pop gem with lush vocals, vibrant production qualities, and slinky bass. After a big 2023 for the artist and buzz from many tastemakers, If Headon is not on your radar, he should be.

Listen to all this and more via the playlist below.

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