1883 On Rotation: The Courting Playlist Takeover

Courting takeover this week’s 1883 On Rotation playlist.

The Liverpool four-piece have been creating quite the stir over the past few years thanks to their concoction of exhilarating, electronic-tinged, and creative post-punk tracks. Their 2022 debut record Guitar Music was critically acclaimed by tastemakers and buzz quickly ensued. The band have played numerous sold-out shows, and racked up a fair few festival appearances, even supporting the likes of Two Door Cinema Club at Community Festival.

Moving forward, Courting are proving to be a multifaceted band, unlike the tongue-in-cheek lyricism found in Guitar Music, their new album New Last Name is set to be a more mature and focused project but just as fun. Interestingly it was recorded with the aid of Gary and Ryan Jarman of The Cribs, who worked closely with the band on production duties. The result is both sonically and thematically adventurous.

Ahead of the forthcoming sophomore record which drops on January 26, the band has taken over this week’s playlist, sharing some of their influences.

“Us” by Regina Spektor

This song is a textbook on how to make a pop song massive without sounding like you’re forcing it.

“Chanel” by Frank Ocean

What I love about Frank is that every song of his is so detailed. It feels like there is a reason for every single writing and production choice, yet everything sounds effortless.

It’s as if these songs just pour out of him – I don’t know a single person who could resist singing along to the outro of this.

“Almost Crimes” by Broken Social Scene

I just love the energy of this song so much.

“The Mending of the Gown” by Sunset Rubdown

I feel like this song is a great example of sensory overload in a song. Every single instrument is just going crazy in a nice way.

“Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued” by Fall out Boy

A lot of our music is inspired by the liberal usage of guilty pleasures. I feel like a lot of people would consider Fall Out Boy as a guilty pleasure, but this album is full of incredibly well-written pop music.

“My Better Half” by One Last Wish

This song is a 10/10 off the merit of 1:28 alone.

“Call You” by DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ

We worked with DJ Sabrina on our new album. I feel like she’s truly doing her own thing, this song feels like a sugary fever dream that just keeps on going.

“A&W” by Lana Del Ray

One of my songs of last year, so stunning and the switch-around is crazy.

“I wanna be your lover” by Prince

So fun! I have nothing to say about Prince that hasn’t already been said.

“SAOKO” by Rosalia

This song is so raw, the drums and piano line is insane. The whole creative vision behind this record stuns me.

Listen to the playlist below.

Image by Charlie Barclay Harris.

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