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For Emily Underhill of Tusks, music is how she makes sense of her emotions, her experiences, and the world around her. Tusks released their debut album Dissolve in 2017 and stunned listeners with their atmospheric sounds and raw, vulnerable lyrics. Last month Tusks, a solo endeavor by Emily Underhill, released Avalanche, the follow-up album that gives […]

Balaton Sound Festival – the summer of your life

For the past decade, Hungary has been a hotspot for the most lively and spectacular summer festivals. Events like Budapest’s Sziget Festival have been attracting millions of visitors worldwide in the previous years, with the line-up becoming more star-studded each year. Another popular area, other than Budapest, to set up festivals is the famous Lake […]


Singer-songwriter KNIGHT has just released his debut single M.L.A. The funky pop track introduces KNIGHT’s music to the world with a professional manner that will leave the listener wanting more. The song captures his love for music and empowering songwriting abilities that blend excellently with the melodic instrumental, perfect harmony, and groovy hip-hop flavours. M.L.A, […]