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Dance The Misery – Radio Music – Video Premiere

Check out the latest video from Nashville-based alt rock band Dance the Misery premiering today on 1883 Magazine. Matthew Green, the man behind Dance the Misery, started his career as a musician as a way of coping with with his obsessive-compulsive disorder. In addition to writing, recording, and producing all of his own work, visuals are integral […]

Decoding the millennial lifestyle and the choices made by this generation

Millennial, the term coined for 21st-century’s young adults, is often associated with a generation that makes all the unconventional choices and as a result, has changed the way markets function. While the generation before millennials, the baby boomers, believed in owning houses, millennials are more attracted towards travel, luxury cars, apparels and anything that offers […]

Nick Wilson

After years of dedicated songwriting and searching for the perfect sound, singer/songwriter Nick Wilson is releasing his first EP in 4 years—A Face I’ve Never Seen Before—and it’s premiering today on 1883. Creating comes second nature for an artist like Nick Wilson; growing up in a musical family, he can’t really remember a life without […]

Niki and Gabi – Hair Tie – Exclusive Video Premiere

If you know your way around the world of vloggers then you probably already stumbled across Niki and Gabi Demartino. The twin sisters both have their individual channels with a collective following of almost 5 million, showcasing everything from beauty, entertainment and life in general to their teen/young adult audience – their massive influence awarded […]