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Laci Mosley

Laci Mosley opens up about the magnitude of becoming part of a nostalgic franchise, the ways in which fiction mirrors reality in her role as Harper, and the reality of accidentally placing mental health on the back burner in the midst of a high-energy rise in comedy.

1883 On Rotation: Kendrick Lamar, Berry Galazka, Paolo Nutini

The latest in new music from Kendrick Lamar, Berry Galazka, BETWEEN FRIENDS, Paolo Nutini and more on this week’s 1883 playlist. On rotation this week is the new record from the inimitable rap icon, Kendrick Lamar. It’s been five long years since the world-dominating artist last treated the world to his genius. His latest album […]


Creating, writing and producing an album independently is no easy feat. Nonetheless, for singer-songwriter and all-around creative force Mogli there was a need and a burning desire to express her story and universal message through different mediums. In the wake of finishing her latest studio album RAVAGE, an indie-folk and electro tinged effort, she decided […]


Norwegian singer-songwriter SKAAR has a penchant for crafting pop songs that are upbeat, serene and strikingly vulnerable. Growing up in the scenic little island that is Stord in Norway, Hilde Skaar AKA SKAAR, began her music career after being scouted by management after she had posted covers on YouTube, she then bagged herself a deal […]

Top Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer: Enhancing Fitness Results Efficiently

Engaging a personal trainer can be a transformative decision for individuals seeking to improve their fitness journey. These professionals offer tailored fitness programs and one-on-one attention that can enhance the effectiveness of workouts. With their extensive knowledge of exercise science, a personal trainer Mechanicsburg helps clients to develop a diverse and safe exercise regimen that […]

Avoid Dating Stereotypes

One of the biggest complications in dating is stereotypical patterns. Men of dreams usually are drawn to women who think they’re sizzling. Likewise, women who think they’re hot usually are attracted to men either. They’re the trainwrecks of men’s comedies. And, girls who also fall for sizzling hot women are usually the least advisable women. […]