3 Ways To Make An Anniversary Party Fun

Relationships that are built to last are a reason to celebrate!  Anniversaries, although they only come once a year, are becoming a hot party event. 

Everyone wants to share the happiness their relationship causes everyone around them, yet they don’t want to fade into a crowd.  Every couple is unique, so every party should reflect that!  Here are three ways you can boost the fun of an anniversary party, with room to make them your own.


Throwback Party

This type of party is best for couples who have been together for over ten years.  A throwback party allows you to celebrate who you were when you two got together.  Think about all of the cliches of the year, whether it’s 2010 or 1976, and base a party around it.  You could ask your guests to dress up in something they or a celebrity wore during the year for added fun.


If you want to add a little more glamor, you could hire celebrity impersonators who copy famous people of the year.  These performers are easier to find in big cities and can add a touch of camp and fun.  If you can’t find an impersonator for a celebrity you love, you could always get custom cardboard cutouts of them in party attire!  Having a lookalike of someone from the era will help add to the fantasy of your party.


Go All Out With Anniversary Milestones

Every anniversary has an assigned milestone.  The first anniversary is paper, the second is cotton, the third is leather, and it goes on from there.  You can lean into this by going all out with a party themed around these items.  For your copper anniversary, you could decorate the venue with nothing but copper-colored accents and play music with copper in the title.  How you approach these ideas is up to you, but it can be fun to tie in a little bit of tradition with the celebration of a new year together.


New Themes and Creative Takes

Instead of going for a party theme that’s been done before, take your time to figure out a piece that suits both of you.  If you’re both into horror movies and love a good scare, a Halloween or monster costume themed party doesn’t have to get stuck in October!  If you’ve always had a love for the open water, you could have a pirate or mermaid themed anniversary party where you can dress up with your friends.  Making your party into a themed-costume night may sound like a lot of trouble for your guests, but it livens up the celebration.  The important thing with any themed party is to get invitations out early and let people know that costumes are encouraged!

Your anniversary is something to celebrate the life you and your partner have built together.  Whether it’s been two years, or twenty, your long-lasting love and devotion are a reason to rejoice with those you both love.  Have fun with the party, and spend the rest of the year planning your next anniversary celebration!

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