4 Ways I Learned To Save Money And Still Be Fashionable

Clothes are a way of how we express ourselves and the way we feel, but they are also quite expensive and heavy on our pockets.

Dressing up, clothing ourselves well and smartly often makes us feel good and much better about ourselves even when we do not feel that way. The right clothing, which involves clothes that not only compliment the shape of your body and the way it fits your body, but also that you should feel comfortable and feel yourself whenever you wear the fabric. Confident and powerful. But with the right clothing also comes the wrong price because usually it would not fit our budget or even the fact that it will leave our wallet relatively lighter and emptier than what it used to be.

Every individual has their own personal style and without doubt, many of us even fall prey to the latest ongoing trends, fashion statements and not to forget to mention the phases that all every single one of us have gone through. We are also tempted to buy new clothes as the seasons change and fashion evolves but a lot of times, our bank accounts can definitely not take the hit. So, what are the four ways I learnt to save money and still be fashionable? Continue reading to know more.


  1. Curate a wardrobe mood board.

Knowing what your personal style is and understanding that what looks good on your favorite fashion blogger necessarily does not have to look good on you is one of the most important reality checks that you need to give in to. Curating a wardrobe mood board and getting inspired is one of the best ways to learn and know all about your style and analyzing whether the items you are about to purchase are really worth your money or not. When you know what exactly suits you, your personality and for what occasion you will be able to wear it for, this will help you to not only eradicate a lot of unnecessary options that you probably would never wear again.


  1. Always shop for clothes that are out of season.

What I mean to say when I advise you to shop for clothes that are out of season is that you could always buy winter wear in summer when they are mostly trying to clear out the stocks of the winter that just passed by or even buy summer clothes while winter is going on. You will definitely be able to purchase them at half the price of what they would be when you would buy them when they were in season. Also, purchasing clothes that you will actually wear during that season is also another thing that you should keep in mind rather than keeping it at the corner of your wardrobe and forgetting all about it when you have to wear them.


  1. Thrift, thrift and more thrifting.

A lot of people seem to often think that thrifting involves old, worn clothes which would not be in its best condition, but that is a common misconception. There are a countless number of thrift stores that provide quality clothes at a fraction of the cost you would actually spend on a store bought clothing item, and moreover, you may even find clothes that you would have never expected to find there. There are even times when I have found clothes from well known brands at a price that I would have never thought I would be able to buy at all. The only con when it comes to thrifting is that you may not find your size at times for the top or shirt that you really liked, or the pair of jeans that you really wanted to buy. But apart from that, thrifting is also another way to be sustainable and save money at the same time, not to forget to mention to look fashionable as well. You can even try wholesale liquidation clothing stores to get the best deals on branded stuff.


  1. Accessorize the hell out of your outfit.

Now, accessorizing can take your overall look from a five to a whole ten. Accessorizing the right way will also add the edge to your style and help you express your personality as well. Mix and match your accessories, from your scarves to your necklaces to your belts, you can always add something here and there and make sure that actually compliment your outfit rather than make it look as though you have dumped your whole accessory collection on yourself.

Apart from these, you could also pay attention to the clothes you are buying like make sure that you stay the heck away from clothes that can only be dry cleaned, because let us be honest here, dry cleaning is expensive and not something you can do on a regular basis. You could also swap clothes with your friends or mutuals or even people online provided you do it through a medium that is well known and trustworthy. Stay away from flash sales, those are the worst in all honesty. When you come across a flash sale, and see the deal you are receiving products at, you do not even think whether you really need that product or you are just purchasing the product because of the flash sale and the steal of a deal that you are getting it at. You do not even stop to think whether you may even wear that piece of clothing in the near future or not. Shop for basic pieces or even layering the basic pieces you have can up your game and make you look fashionable even while being on a budget.


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