5 Places to Visit This Fall

Whether you want to stay in the U.S. or find somewhere warm and tropical, this list includes something for anyone looking for a great fall vacation.

If you’re seeking colorful foliage and that crisp fall air, you’ll find that there are beautiful places all over the world to explore. Plan a trip yourself or have someone plan it for you this fall and enjoy any of these five stunning locations.


1. The Caribbean

If you’re looking for an unconventional fall vacation or thinking about going somewhere warm but not during the hottest season, you might enjoy the Caribbean. There’s more to this vacation than beautiful, white sand beaches and coconut drinks. History buffs can visit the ancient Mayan ruins in Costa Maya. Nature lovers can explore wildlife and swim with dolphins. If you want to get there in the lap of luxury, you can take a Western Caribbean cruise and enjoy everything the ship has to offer before exploring as many islands as possible.


2. Edinburgh, Scotland

If you need a reason to visit Scotland, Edinburgh in the fall is the only one you need. Imagine the famous Edinburgh castle sitting high atop a hill with the breathtaking Scottish landscape behind it and bright orange trees covering the grounds. It’s everything you could want from a fall vacation. Edinburgh may be the only place in the world that can romanticize grey skies, and its atmosphere encompasses all that is loved about fall.

The farmers’ markets in Edinburgh literally overflow with all your fall favorites; it’s a feast for the eyes and stomach. Fall is also the theatre season in Scotland, and Edinburgh is the comedy capital. You can catch a show or visit the world’s largest open arts festival, and if you’re a fan of the spooky season, take one of the many ghost tours along the historic cobble streets.


3. Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is a destination you can enjoy any season, but fall has all the breathtaking fall foliage that you would expect from a city of trees. The famous Aspen trees truly glow during the fall months, and you can enjoy them on horseback or from the window of one of the many world-class resorts. The weather is perfect, and the crowds are minimal.

Aspen may be known for winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, but there’s an abundance of things to do in the fall as well. You can take a scenic hike through the woods, ride off-road vehicles or go mountain biking. Every resort will have plenty of excursion suggestions.


4. Vermont

When you think of beautiful fall scenery in the U.S., you probably think of New England. Vermont is perhaps one of the most picturesque places to see in the fall. Three-quarters of the state is forest, and the maple trees are responsible for the staple commodity, maple syrup.

You can hike Vermont’s highest peak at Mount Mansfield while touring Stowe, one of Vermont’s most popular tourist destinations. You’ll be surrounded by quiet, friendly mountain towns with beautiful lodges and breathtaking scenery. You can take a bike ride along the waterfronts or visit the marketplaces of Burlington. However you choose to spend your time, you’ll be able to feel that you’re in New England.


5. Tokyo, Japan

You may have heard of Tokyo’s red pagodas, but did you know they are even more lovely in the fall when the leaves turn red? Travel sites suggest visiting Tokyo between September and November because that’s when the weather is mild and the fall foliage is in full hue.

Tokyo also hosts a number of festivals in the fall. The Tokyo International Film Festival is around October each year, and the Shichi-Go-San Festival is in mid-November. Enjoy the brisk weather with your sushi fix on a Japanese fall vacation.

There’s no better feeling than the crisp, cool air of fall. If you find yourself taking an international trip, stop off in New York City. You can grab a hot coffee and take a stroll through Central Park. The season may be short, so take in all that you can and savor it.

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