5 Popular Songs That Don’t Mean What You Might Think

Depending on the source, hundreds of millions of songs may exist — and counting.

Add to that the fact that there are 300+ music genres around the world, with pop, hip hop, and rock and roll being among the most popular. It should come as no surprise that some of the hundreds of millions of songs may have meanings that aren’t immediately apparent.

Do you wish to appreciate music on a deeper and more meaningful level? If so, you’ll want to look more carefully into the lyrics and what the words really mean.

Check out the following five popular songs that don’t mean what you might think. You might be surprised!


  1. “Every Breath You Take” by The Police

This popular song by The Police appears to be a love song. After all, doesn’t Sting sing about having intense and devoted love for the object of his affection? Many people even play the music at weddings or anniversaries because the song seems to portray a close union.

But Sting has, to the chagrin of many, acknowledged a more sinister meaning for “Every Breath You Take.” It’s a song about a stalker obsessed with the object of his desire. Looking at it that way, you’ll see the true meaning of the line “I’ll be watching you.” In fact, Sting has called “Every Breath You Take” a “nasty little song” that is “rather evil.” Who are we to argue?


  1. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

The real meaning behind Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” might surprise you. Jim Steinman, who wrote the hit song, has acknowledged that the song is about two vampires infatuated with each other. In fact, the song was initially called “Vampires in Love.”


  1. “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” by The Beatles

Many have speculated that “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” was about LSD. Some have suggested that the “L” in Lucy, “S” in Sky, and “D” in Diamonds spelled “LSD.” John Lennon rejected that interpretation and offered another. He said the song was about a painting done by his son during an art class. Apparently, the artwork featured Lucy, a friend of his son. His son also includes diamonds in the sky in the painting. While Lennon stuck to this explanation for the remainder of his life, many people are doubtful. After all, the Beatles didn’t hide the fact that they used various types of drugs in their heyday.


  1. “Jump” by Van Halen

It seems like a lighthearted song since David Lee Roth constantly urges everyone to jump. While it looks like the sort of song to include on the playlist for your morning workout, there’s a dark meaning behind it. Roth has said that the song is actuallly about suicide. While watching the news one day, there was a segment where someone was going to jump to his death. People in the vicinity said — “don’t jump.” Roth said he immediately thought — “jump.”


  1. “Detroit Rock City” by KISS 

The song is widely viewed as a party anthem, but it’s actually about death. Paul Stanley, the lead singer of the rock band, has said that the song is an ode to a KISS fan who sped in his car to make it to a concert on time. Unfortunately, he got into a fatal car accident.


Are you interested in being a song detective and learning more about the meanings behind some great songs? You’ll enjoy the songs you listen to on a more meaningful level. And you’ll likely have fun uncovering things that go over most people’s heads.





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