5 Things Every Driver Should Know About Bicycle Accidents

If you’ve recently been in a bicycle accident, you may be experiencing physical or emotional trauma.

There are some things you can do to make your situation better and the sooner you do them, the better.


You’re entitled to a lawyer

Lawyers understand that you are in a vulnerable and painful state and are always ready to help. A good bicycle attorney should be willing to investigate your case and offer justice, accountability, and compensation on behalf of yourself and others. For example Strom Law, based in Columbia SC, is one such bicycle attorney to fight your case if you need legal representation.


If you have been hit while riding your bicycle, you should contact a lawyer right away. They are even willing to send someone to visit and discuss your options while you are in the hospital. You may also be entitled to some compensation if the lawyer wins your case.

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You might be able to get compensation

If you have a lawyer willing to fight for you, they will probably also try and win you some compensation. Money you are entitled to can be for several different items related to the bicycle accident including:

  • Cost of medical bills and expenses
  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Emotional distress
  • Permanent injuries and damages
  • Psychological or psychiatric treatment
  • Loss of companionship or spousal support
  • Compensation for future medical treatment or procedures
  • Wrongful death


This list isn’t everything and your lawyer might have some additional items they try to win compensation for you from.


Many accidents are caused by not sharing the road

If you ride your bike in a state where the cars are supposed to share the road, you know that they don’t always follow this rule. Many cars do not move over enough when driving next to a cyclist or slow down when passing them.

If there are many cars near you, don’t expect them to do all the work. Try to move over enough when they pass that they aren’t too close to you. You might also want to consider riding on the sidewalks when you can.


You need to ride predictably

While cars don’t always follow the rules, many cyclists also choose to ride in sporadic ways. Remember that cyclists are required to follow the same rules as cars. This means stopping at signs and lights, signaling when you want to turn, and not weaving in and out of cars.

If you are weaving in and out or riding in between cars, it is harder for them to know you are there. They might see you in their blind spot when they want to move or turn and accidentally hit you. Try to ride your bike in the same pattern as the cars and ride predictably.


Accidents can be made worse by an ill-fitting bike

When riding a bike, you might think of the helmet and the pads fitting snugly to protect yourself, but the bike itself is also important. Having a bike that isn’t the correct size for you can make it harder to ride and make an accident worse if you happen to get hit.

When you are standing over the bike, there should be one to two inches between you and the top of the tube for a road bike. For a mountain bike, there should be three to four inches. The seat should be level from front to back and be at the correct height. There should always be a slight bend of your knee when the leg is fully extended.

Keep the height of the handlebars level with the seat. This will ensure you are stable while riding.  

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