7 Things You Need for an At-Home Spa Day

While a trip to the spa is a nice way to pamper yourself, you can have an equally relaxing experience at home!

With the right products you can enjoy and recreate in your home a spa experience, a great treat for when you need to take a break and practice some self-care.

Here are 7 items you need to set yourself up for the best at-home spa day:

1) a soft luxurious robe

When you are stepping out of the bath and doing your treatments, a soft luxurious robe is essential for comfort! The white robes that are available at spas are a classic part of the experience, and replicating this at home is a way to really feel like you are getting the whole spa experience. Just make sure it is comfortable and you have range of motion while wearing it so you can continue with your treatments. You can find gorgeous robes online, for example the Mirta home textiles section has many soft luxurious robes and more.



2) a bougie scented candle 

A scented candle sets the mood and environment for a relaxing at-home spa day. Pick one with branding and a scent that you love, and it will instantly elevate your spa experience. Tip: soy-wax candles have less harmful ingredients in them than standard candles!

3) bath oils and Epsom salts

Bath oils and Epsom salts are essential for a spa experience. Hydrating bath oils will make your skin feel instantly smooth, and Epsom salts will help to calm your muscles and alleviate tension.

If you don’t have a bathtub, no problem! You can still use bath oils on your skin and sprinkle Epsom salts along your shower so that it creates a soothing steam. If you are using Epsom salts in the tub, pour the salts in as you are running your bath and soak in the tub for at least 12-20 minutes.


4) a jade roller

A jade roller is an essential skincare tool. Use it after applying serums/oils/moisturizer to encourage better absorption of your products and give yourself a lymphatic massage at the same time!



5) clay mask

A clay mask helps to draw out impurities from your skin and aid in detoxing! Don’t use too often as this can strip your skin if overdone, but for an intense mask this is a great one to incorporate and give your skin a boost.

6) hair and scalp mask

While you’re at it with the face mask and throughout your skin routine during your spa day, put a targeted hair and scalp mask in so you end your spa day with happy hair! This is a great treatment to leave in throughout your spa day so your hair can really soak up all the ingredients and benefits of the mask. Tailor the product you use according to your hair’s needs that day. For example, a detoxifying scalp mask can help gently exfoliate the scalp, and a hydrating or a bond-building mask can help your hair grow stronger and be more nourished overall.

7) rich nourishing body butter

After all those treatments and time in the water, take the time to work in a rich and nourishing body butter! It will add back in hydration and leave your skin glowing.


After your at-home spa experience, there is nothing better than getting cozy with a cup of herbal tea and enjoying a good book or movie. Let the relaxation continue!



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