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7 Vape Pen Flavors You Should Try

At least 9% of adults in the US vape regularly, and this number is only increasing. Many people see vaping as a great alternative to smoking cigarettes: it’s healthier, cheaper, and you can enjoy a wide range of flavors.

So what are some of the best vape pen flavors you should try out if you’re new to vaping?

Keep reading as we share some of the most popular and highest-rated vape taste sensations!


  1. Peppermint

The first vape pen you should try, if you haven’t already, is peppermint. The vibrant and refreshing taste makes this a top choice for many vapers, who are often already familiar with menthol cigarettes.

The peppermint flavor can easily be combined with others: think chocolate mint, strawberry mint, or even mint mojito!


  1. Coffee

Next, for all those who like to start their morning with a cup of joe, we’ve got the perfect vape pen flavor for you. There are many vape pen options that are prepared with coffee beans or extracts.

If coffee is a little too bitter for you, look out for mocha or dessert coffee flavors.


  1. Watermelon

Watermelon is a hugely popular vaping flavor. Even the thought of it makes your mouth water as it brings to mind hot summers and refreshing tastes. It’s a nice and light flavor for everyday use, especially after a meal or just whenever you need a pick-me-up.


  1. Lemonade

For a fruity yet citrusy taste, lemonade is one of our top recommendations. The perfect mix of sweet and sour, lemonade vape juices act as the perfect palate cleanser. You’re sure to enjoy this flavor on a hot summer day.

If you’re looking for a complete selection of vape products and flavors, you can find more here.


  1. Berry

Another one of our favorite vape flavor options is berry. There’s so much variety to this vape juice, as you’ll find different combinations of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and other fruits. For the vapers who need to satisfy their sweet tooth, berry is the perfect option for you.


  1. Grape

Grape is one of the most popular flavors among vapers. Grape-flavored tobacco is already a big hit, so it’s no wonder that people also enjoy grape vape juice. It’s a great option to have on hand when you’re looking for a lighter taste.


  1. Mango

Our final recommendation has got to be mango. Transport yourself to the Caribbean with this delicious tropical flavor that also smells incredible.

Once you’ve stocked up on all your favorite flavors, make sure you’ve got the essential vaping equipment too. This means a battery, charging cable, and whichever pen style you prefer.

Which of These Vape Pen Flavors Will You Try Next?

Now that we’ve covered some of the top vape pen flavors, it’s time to tickle your taste buds! From lemonade to watermelon, to coffee, you won’t run out of options any time soon. Look out for popular flavor combinations too, such as chocolate-mint, or mango-vanilla.

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