A Quick Look at the Different Types of Online Roulette to Choose From

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in existence. In fact, the roots of roulette can be traced back to 18th-century France (hence the name).

Originally played amongst royalty and the upper classes, this game is now enjoyed by millions of individuals from around the world. This is also why it stands to reason that a number of unique variants have been invented over the years. Each of these can now be accessed within seconds thanks to the ubiquitous presence of the online community. What are some common types of roulette games and what characteristics serve to make each one quite unique in its own right?


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European and French Roulette

Most feel that this is the most common type of roulette. The wheel contains 36 numbers; each split into discrete columns of 12. On the top of each of these columns is a zero (normally coloured green). This is important, as most players feel that the odds of landing on a single number are 35-1. However, taking into account the green zero actually increases these odds to 36-1.

French roulette is also quite popular, as it is nearly identical to the European form. The main difference involves how the green zero is played. Let’s imagine for a moment that you land on a zero that was not placed within a bet. You might not necessary lose your initial wager. According to house rules (known as “La Partage”), players can still receive half of their chips back. Another interesting feature of French Roulette is that landing on a zero could invoke the “En Prison” rule. All chips (red, black, odd and even) will remain in place for another spin of the wheel. In other words, you still have a chance to land upon the previously selected numbers.

American Roulette and Other Electronic Variants

Bigger is (somewhat) better. This is essentially the name of the game when referring to American-style roulette. Americans have added a second zero (known as a double zero) immediately above the first zero. The issue here is that the odds are slightly worse. European and French roulette wheels are associated with 36-1 odds. Thanks to the extra double zero, players are faced with 37-1 odds when interacting with this American variant. The other difference (although not significant from a statistical point of view) is that the numbers themselves are arranged differently on an American roulette wheel.

So, which of these versions represents the best choice? This is solely up to the player. While it can be argued that French and European roulette offer slightly better odds, we need to remember that the 37-1 American odds are often associated with higher payouts. Perhaps the best way to find what is right for you is to try out each one. Learn to appreciate the gameplay and the mechanics, as these are two crucial elements when being introduced to a new type of roulette. Regardless of what you decide, a whirlwind of fun undoubtedly awaits!


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