All That Glitters

70’s Vintage Floral Glittered Shirt & Silk Scarf Stylists Own 

70’s Metallic Crochet Dress Karen Vintage Boutique 

Fruit Shoes Stylists Own 

Stockings Dior 

Pink Polka Dot Tulle Prom Dress Stylists Own 

Indian Brocade Jasmine Top Stylists Own

60’s Malcome Starr Suit Karen Vintage Boutique 

YSL Shoes & Belts Stylists Own 

70’s Vintage floral Glittered Shirt, Silk Scarf & Sequence Skirt Stylists Own 

Stuart Weitzman Shoes and Vintage Socks Stylists Own 

IRO Silver Blouse Karen Vintage Boutique 

Frank Usher 70’s Dress Stylists Own

80’s Pink Metallic Blouse Karen Vintage Boutique 

90’s Sparkly Shirt Stylists Own

Ysl Shoes Stylists Own

Socks Fara Charity Shop

Mens Vintage Ice Skating Costume Stylists Own

Jewelled Belt Karen Vintage Boutique 

Green Velvet Trousers & Coin Necklace Stylists Own

Handmade Orange Sequin Love Heart Shell Dress Stylists Own 


Featured Image Credits

70’s Vintage Glittered Shirt & Platform Shoes Stylists Own 

Gold Chainmail Top Worn As Skirt Karen Vintage Boutique 

Jewellery Sara Rothwell Jewellery


Team Credits

photographer Chantel King

stylist Jessie Culley and Lydia McNeill

make up artist Lauren McCormack using Pat McGrath Labs

hair stylist Christopher Gatt @DavidsArtists 

nail artist Julia Diogo using Biosculpture and Navy Pro Tools 

model Tia Rolph @models1

photographers assistant James Newlands 

digital operator Robyn Pragnell

retouching Jessica McHugh and Mark Arnold

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