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Rimless VS. Full Rim Glasses – Which Is Best For You?

Deciding between rimless and full-rim glasses is one of the most important choices you need to make when considering your next pair of prescription or sunglasses.

While there are thousands of glasses styles, you can’t decide on a style until you’ve chosen which of these two broad categories you prefer.

Nowadays it’s just a matter of one click to find the glasses you need. Looking for and ordering  rimless glasses for men couldn’t be easier than it is now. Today it’s possible to click here to search and here to confirm the order! But what isn’t as easy is deciding on which rimless glasses are the best for you, and even more pertinent, whether rimless glasses even suit you in the first place.

To set the tone with some great designer options, let’s begin with a complete description of both styles before we help you decide which is best!


Rimless Glasses

As the title may suggest, Rimless glasses have no rim or frame, and the lenses are mounted to the bridge and/or temples. They were a popular style from the 1980s to the 1960s, with Steve Jobs bringing them back to prominence in the 1990s. They saw a massive resurgence in that decade and remain a popular choice today.

While rimless glasses are a type of glasses style, there are also two subtypes. Three-piece glasses have the lenses mounted to a bridge and two separate temple arms. Rimways AKA Cortlands have a supporting arch connecting the temples to the bridge.


Full-Rim Glasses

The lenses of full-rim glasses are surrounded by a metal, plastic, or polycarbonate frame. Therefore, the lenses are only exposed on the broadside and are completely protected on the thin edges.

The full-rim glasses style is the original and still the most common type of glasses on the market. Full-rim glasses come in more styles and variations than rimless glasses due to their increased popularity. This more comprehensive range is one of the reasons for their continued popularity.

Now that we understand the two styles, it’s time for a head-to-head contest! We’ll compare them over four popular choice categories so that you can make the best choice!



Let’s face it; this is probably the most significant choice factor when it comes to glasses, especially sunglasses. So here are some style factors that might determine your choice.


Rimless Glasses

Since there are no rims, rimless glasses provide a completely unobstructed view of your face. It is this minimalist and stripped-down look that makes them popular.

They are trendy choices in the business, and IT worlds and exude a stylish and professional look. The lack of a rim also means that the glasses don’t clash with any outfits you’re wearing or makeup you choose, making them a versatile and universal choice.


Full-Rim glasses

Full-rim glasses aren’t just another accessory; they are THE accessory. Full rim glasses can make or break ensembles and change the entire look’s mood by their inclusion.

There are thousands of different styles, and each one says a little something different about your style and attitude.

While Rimless glasses blend in and are unobtrusive, Full-rim glasses make loud and bold statements that play a dominant role in the fashion world.

Lens Protection

Lens protection is another important consideration – Let’s take a look.


Rimless Glasses

One of the most obvious downsides to rimless glasses is that the lens is more exposed. Unfortunately, this means that they are more prone to damage when dropped or when they’re put down. The most common damage includes cracks along the edge of the lenses and chips.


Full-Rim Glasses

With complete protection all around the rim, full-rim glasses are certainly a better choice for lens protection. In addition, high-quality full-rim glasses and sunglasses are usually made from rugged protective materials that keep the lenses and frames safe. As a result, this is a better choice for people less careful with their glasses.



Your choice might also be affected by your prescription lens.


Rimless Glasses

Some of the higher-strength prescriptions need very thick lenses. Rimless glasses can’t always support this as there are no frames to cradle the lens.


Full-Rim Glasses

Thick lenses must be supported by thick frames, making full-rim glasses the only choice for high-strength prescriptions.


Lifestyles factors also play an essential role in your choice.


Rimless Glasses

Rimless glasses are ideal for people mainly in the office or at the computer and those who have a less active lifestyle. They are lightweight, professional, chic, and look great but don’t have as much protection as their full-rim counterparts.


Full-rim Glasses

Full-rim glasses can accommodate any lifestyle due to the wide range of frames available. Sportspeople or casual gym-goers, and outdoor enthusiasts will have no problem finding rims that meet their rugged needs. Choosing a lightweight, full-rim frame can provide you with the best of both worlds for those who prefer the lightweight nature of rimless glasses!


So, there you have it – Now that you have all the information, the choice between full-rim and rimless glasses is over to you!


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