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Anti-wrinkle Cream vs. Anti-wrinkle injection: Which is Safe And Works Better?

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Nobody wants to look old and dull. But with age, wrinkles and fine lines do just that to your skin. But who says that you have to accept your ageing fate?

Nowadays, there are several options to prevent the appearance of wrinkles or make them go away. While some of them require cosmetic procedures, others can be simply in the form of creams. Both are wildly popular. In fact, in 2018, about 2.6 million dermal filler injections were administered, while the anti-wrinkle cream market was valued at $20.25 billion.

But how do you know which one of them works better? Moreover, which one should you go for? Keep reading to find out!


Anti-wrinkle cream

Anti-wrinkle creams are made to hide the effects of aging on a person. Humans are always conscious of their age. They do not want their looks to be spoiled as they get old. And anti-wrinkle creams are a popular solution to help you look better.

Most of the creams work on the principle of increasing collagen. Anti-wrinkle creams boost the production of collagen on the face. This tightens your skin. And in turn, your wrinkles reduce, making you look youthful.

As anti-wrinkle creams are readily available, they are accessible to all. Also, applying creams doesn’t require any special instructions and barely takes a few minutes of your time.



Anti-wrinkle injection

Anti-wrinkle injections, also called injectable fillers or dermal fillers sometimes, are an excellent alternative to anti-wrinkle creams. They are a more direct way of fighting aging. Unlike anti-wrinkles creams that act on the face to improve collagen production, the injections attack the root of the wrinkles. This results in a more permanent solution for the wrinkles.

The anti-wrinkle injections usually consist of botox or dermal fillers. These are usually purified proteins that work on the nerves present in the muscles. They prevent the nerves from receiving the brain’s signals that prompt your muscles to contract. This method of treatment helps a person to look younger for a longer time.

The result of anti-wrinkle injection can last up to six months. Interestingly, no extra precaution is required for taking the anti-wrinkle injection, and you can regularly work without any issues.


Which is better?

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The Case for Anti-Wrinkle Creams 

From a common man to a rich family, anti-wrinkle creams can find a place in everybody’s wardrobe. With the low price and easy accessibility, it is the favorite of many to help them hide their age and look young. As the anti-wrinkle creams increase collagen, they can reduce the signs of aging.


The Case for Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are a nice way to improve your skin’s age considerably. As the injections focus on conquering the root cause of wrinkles, they provide long-lasting results. At a reputed clinic like AFYA, injectible fillers are administered safely and swiftly. Moreover, it is not as harsh as surgery. It’s kind of a middle ground between plastic surgery and anti-wrinkle creams.


Which is safer?

There isn’t a lot of difference between anti-wrinkle creams and anti-wrinkle injections in terms of safety. As it is well known, every cosmetic item has some side-effects in the long run. The same is the case with both the creams and injections.

As the anti-wrinkle cream emphasizes the enhancement of collagen, the chances of depletion of natural collagen increase. This implies that the skin will look duller in the future, and after a point, the cream can’t help any of it. Also, some people may have allergies to the compounds used in the cream, making it accessible for a smaller chunk of the population.

The anti-wrinkle injection goes inside the skin and helps to improve it by stopping the activity of the wrinkled nerve. There might be some minor side-effects depending on the body of the individual.



If you can afford it, you must go for the anti-wrinkle injection to have a better impact and fewer hassles. So approach a skin expert today for taking injectable fillers that erase your wrinkles in the safest possible way. But if you can’t afford it, you can go for easier solutions like anti-wrinkle creams.



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