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At what age is it allowed to make bet casino in different countries?

Gambling is no longer taboo in most countries of the world. At the same time, gamblers can play in both land and Internet establishments from a certain age. It is worth paying attention to the fact that some people neglect the rules, trying to find ways to make bet casino possible to do earlier than possible. The opinion of the administrations of gambling sites on this issue is strict. The user’s age discrepancy may threaten to block a personal account. However, it is worth considering that in some countries this age threshold is somewhat different.


Why is the indicator different?

There are no universal laws regarding when a person can legally start playing. Each country has its own rules, including the age threshold for registering on the site and performing bet casino. In most of the world’s states, the figure ranges from 18 to 21 years. However, there are exceptions to this rule.


United States

In this country, bets are legalized at the federal level. Betting is legal, however, if the providers providing such services have registered as required and pay all the required taxes.

The age of players who can start making a bet casino ranges from 18 to 21 years. It all depends on the specific state of the country. For example, residents of New York or Michigan can play from the age of 18, in the casinos of Indiana, Arizona you can play from the age of 21. The only age limit of 19 years is set for citizens of the state of Alabama.


South America

The countries of South America are actively developing the gambling sphere, however, there are still quite many prohibitions and difficulties. However, for the most part, gambling entertainment is available from the age of 18.



African countries are now actively developing – already more than 23 percent of people regularly use the Internet. It is clear that this market of the world is very attractive for game providers. But there are still not enough laws that would allow the correct and complete regulation of casino activities.



The official age when residents of Canada can start playing is considered to be 19 years. However, there is regulation at the provincial level as well. This means that some provinces have their own characteristics and the age limit is changing. For example, you can play in Ontario from the age of 19, while in Quebec from the age of 18.


United Kingdom

In most cases, residents of the UK can register on the sites and make their first bet in a casino from the age of 18. But if we are talking about private or commercial games, then the limit of 16 years is permissible.


European countries

In the European Union, there is no universal document that would regulate the sphere of gambling, as, for example, in the United States. Each of the countries that are part of the EU can independently determine some aspects of the activities of companies offering gambling entertainment in its own way. The age limit ranges from 18 to 21 years.



Asia is one of the most attractive markets for gambling operators. There are several laws that regulate the entertainment sphere in this densely populated region of the planet. Each of the countries located in Asia can independently regulate the age of players, which must be reached to register on the casino site. For example, in Japan it is 19 years, in South Korea it is 20 years. It is worth paying attention to the fact that in some of the Muslim countries there are quite serious restrictions that practically prohibit the activities of the gambling business. These include UAE, Iran, Iraq and others.

Of course, international platforms that accept foreigners help out. People who, even if they are not citizens of the country in which the casino has registration, may well comfortably use its services at home.



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