Bohemian Interiors: Your home is your bohemian canvas

At some point or another, we have all seen the bohemian interiors creep their way into our home design catalogues, our Pinterest pins and so on.

The Boho look has proven that it is here to say and is very much preferred for interior design within cities like Paris and Berlin for example. While bohemian interiors can differ largely from designer to designer, the key concept that anyone trying to incorporate the theme should remember is, it is a way of making unconventional harmonise together, for a relaxed and warm atmosphere overall. Bohemian interiors are about making a blank canvas mimic the wanderlust textures and making unconventional happen.

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The aim of this article is to break down the different design concepts that you can incorporate within your home. While bohemian interiors take on a different life, to each and every one of us, you will find that maybe one style or many from our suggestions will work in harmony with the vision you have in your mind.


Textiles and artistic cosy


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The first of our themes, is by far the most elaborate and can if anything, allow you the most freedom here. The entire concept is about putting together textures, artwork and culturally combining themes to create a talking point. Bohemian interiors is of course a dabble within the travelled regions of the world, and for that reason, you can wing it with how bold or subtle you really want to go here. Expressing yourself fully with the trinkets and memoires of your visits across the globe, can really make for an intriguing concept. Let’s not forget how it will get your guests who visit thinking.




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Bohemian layering is very similar to the previous theme, however one thing about this style of interiors is, it is far less compact, more spaced out, and often is compromised up of different rugs compiled above one another. For a rich textural statement here, why not look into layering multiple patterns for rugs, such as the North African Berber patterns, with different block colours. The hues of red, blue and yellow will surprisingly work in harmony with one another, since they are primary colours.

To accentuate your layering, you could try matching the rugs with similar patterns for cushions, or a wall hanging made up of the same textural components as your rugs. You should definitely let the key piece materials in your room do the talking here. Maybe at first, it may not seem so compatible, but all you need to do is look up some style inspo from some of the most artistically driven Instagram pages like @bohotribe.


Bright and colourful


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Whenever bohemian comes to mind, a combination of bright colours like oranges, reds and purples, with possible hints of the 70’s, kind of hits the spot, right? With this take on bohemian interiors, the brighter and more colourful you actually go, the more you can consider your keen design eye, a luxury one in the making. However, something that has really set alight within the interior community, is the application of the bohemian concept, using deep cool or warm tones, for a relaxed and comforting vibrancy. Home is supposed to be comforting and relaxing overall, and too much colour can get exhausting if applied too wildly. Therefore, consider opting colour tones that work together, such as olives, mustards and maroons. Put these babies together, and see your world and home form.


Close to minimalism


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Minimalism has become a thing too within bohemian interior design concepts. We all know that saying, ‘less is more’ don’t we? Well, when bohemian design is compared with this saying, just sprinkle that little bit more on top! Bohemian style can shy away from minimalism, being that there are not the included empty spaces without texture and character. To keep your canvas of a home filled with bohemian character, just add those unique curated finds, such as textured pillows, textured duvet covers, and impressive Persian quilt. That is how you bring to life your cold white walls, and simplistic furniture together. Oh, and you know the resting armchair that seems to lack any character at all, spruce it up by adding a feathered throw over it.

We call this, from minimalistic to bohemian minimal queen, in a matter of seconds. It does not take much at all, just an application of key pieces that hold that character, and that alone can fill the room up.


Botanically breathing


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It is a straight up fact here, that bohemian interiors share a fondness for plants with quirk and rarity. Botanicals fit perfectly with the interior style that you are after. Along with adding life, breath and purifying the air, plants can add dimension to your rooms. They give that pop of colour too, without interfering too much with the existing colour scheme that you have composed together.

Hanging plants are perfect especially, if you are wanting to add character and warmness to your walls. We all know that white walls can be an open void and space for cold temperament. So, if you are wanting more interesting depth and crisp vibrancy to fill the walls of your living room for example, make sure to select some plant finds the next time you hop on over to IKEA.

Building interiors that orbit around the concept of bohemian textures, is about bringing you inner character through. If you are well travelled, or aspire to see more of the world, your canvas is your home. This is the moment where you can embrace that inner wanderlust wilderness that is whispering to be released onto the palette of your living room. There is nothing to fear when it comes to making harmony work with bohemian interior design. Find colours that work for you, textures you are fond of, a couple of plants, and you are good to go, in creating your masterpiece!

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