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Bringing Ranch Flavor To The Modern Abode

Ranches have renewed their popularity to become stalwart favorites of the home-buying populace.

The Herald Tribune is just one of countless local papers reporting that ranch properties are selling like hotcakes as previously city-bound professionals move out into the country for a bit of fresh air. Not every homeowner can make that move, sadly, but there are options for them, in the form of ranch interior design, that can really make a big change.


What makes a ranch?

The key behind ranch design is in big spaces and rustic materials. Ranch real estate industry veterans Texasland notes how ranches are personified by their large expanses, with the buildings themselves an oasis in the heat and wilderness of the surrounding acres. Capturing that airy aura is a key factor – Atlanta Magazine highlights one designer who has gone the other way, converting a ranch into a modern home. Yet, the ranch vibe is retained through the use of certain colors and furniture pieces.


Looking to post-war

A good way to embrace the modern and still retain the rustic aura of a ranch home is by looking at post-war homes. Built in their multitudes across the USA, ranch-style homes were famous for their large picture windows. That meshes well with modern design standards, where big rooms with lots of natural light are king. Try emphasizing the windows in your home and letting them shine through; it’ll give that air to the property.


Rustic furniture

The ranch home is completed with the use of rustic furniture. Large pieces, put together simply but effectively, are the key – think huge pieces of wood, leather, and simple metalwork. That feels like it might not mesh well with modern design, but when you consider the focus on sustainability in everything society does, there’s an opportunity to be had. Luxury upcycling is very much a thing, where vintage pieces are re-used, with a polish, for the modern day, and that’s going to go really well with a ranch design. Try combining old, early 20th century pieces, built at the height of big homes and big attitudes, with your existing home design.

Bringing that ranch vibe into the home will help you to enjoy your home even more. Life on the ranch was tough, of course, but had its simple pleasures too – space, warmth, and air. Even a slight portion of that can help your home to feel like a historic, but very up-to-date, oasis.


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