Designing Your Dream Plunge Pool: Tips And Ideas

A plunge pool could be the ideal addition to your home if you have ever fantasised about having a cool and cool oasis in your backyard where you can get away from the scorching heat of Australia. The luxurious way to cool off and relax is to take advantage of plunge pools, which are known for their small size and versatility. The purpose of this article is to provide you with some essential ideas and suggestions that will assist you in designing the plunge pool of your dreams.

1. Location Matters

The first step in designing your plunge pool is selecting the right location in your backyard. Consider factors like sunlight, privacy, and accessibility. Placing your pool in a sunny spot will help maintain a comfortable water temperature, while strategic placement can offer privacy from neighbouring properties. Accessibility is crucial for convenience and safety, so ensure a clear path to your pool area.

2. Size And Shape

Plunge pools come in various sizes and shapes, so choose one that suits your preferences and available space. While smaller plunge pools are ideal for compact yards, larger ones can serve as a focal point in spacious outdoor areas. You can opt for traditional rectangular designs, circular pools, or even custom shapes to match your aesthetic.

3. Material Selection

When it comes to materials, there are several options available for plunge pool construction, including concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, you might want to choose a fiberglass plunge pool. Each material has its pros and cons, so consider factors like durability, maintenance, and budget when making your decision. Concrete offers customization but may require more maintenance, while fibreglass is low-maintenance but less customizable.

4. Water Features And Extras

Enhance the appeal of your plunge pool with water features and additional amenities. Waterfalls, fountains, and LED lighting can transform your pool into a mesmerizing oasis. Consider adding a heating system to extend the swimming season, or an integrated spa for relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits.

5. Surrounding Landscaping

The landscaping around your plunge pool plays a crucial role in creating an inviting atmosphere. Lush greenery, decorative rocks, and tropical plants can provide a lush and vibrant backdrop. Don’t forget to include comfortable outdoor furniture, such as loungers and umbrellas, for lounging and sunbathing.

6. Safety Measures

When designing your plunge pool, safety should come first. To limit access to the pool area, install appropriate fencing and gate systems, especially if you have kids or pets. Non-slip surfaces around the pool deck can prevent accidents, and you may also consider adding handrails or steps for easy entry and exit.

7. Water Filtration And Maintenance

To keep your plunge pool crystal clear and inviting, invest in a reliable water filtration system. Regular maintenance, including skimming, vacuuming, and chemical balancing, is essential to ensure water quality. It’s a good idea to consult with a professional pool maintenance service to help you keep your pool in top condition.

8. Budget Planning

Finally, before embarking on your plunge pool project, establish a clear budget. The cost of designing and installing a plunge pool can vary significantly depending on your preferences and the complexity of the design. Factor in all expenses, including construction, landscaping, and ongoing maintenance, to ensure that your dream plunge pool remains within your financial reach.


Creating the plunge pool of your dreams in Australia is a thrilling project that can add a little luxury and leisure to your backyard. You can develop a beautiful oasis that will increase the value of your property and provide you, your family, and your friends with endless hours of enjoyment by carefully considering factors like location, size, materials, water features, landscaping, safety, maintenance, and budget. You can enjoy the refreshing cool waters of your very own plunge pool very soon if you start planning today.

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