Different Types of Remote Control Cars That You Can Buy

No matter how old you are, once your fascination with remote control vehicles begins, there is no end. From children to adults, everyone with an iota of interest in cars is fond of remote control cars.

These cars are easily available across different online marketplaces, and the best sellers would also sell accessories and parts along with the car. These cars are no longer just for kids. There are now remote controlled cars that are suitable for those of various age groups.

However, with so many options available in the RC market currently, it can be difficult to choose the right one. As a rule of thumb, you should only consider buying from a brand that sells durable cars that run at higher speeds while being easy to control. If you are a beginner, you can also consider exploring different types of cars, such as buggies, trucks, and race cars.

Here are some of the different types of RC cars that you can buy:


  1. Nitro cars

As the name suggests, these RCs run on nitro, a methanol-based fuel with traces or some percentage of nitromethane. The nitro engine inside these cars works similarly to regular gasoline engines used in normal trucks or cars. These cars are one of the most common types of hobby RCs.

However, these vehicles are less efficient than electric ones. They also need constant refueling. On average, these cars go up to the speed of 20 mph to 40 mph. So, if you intend to race your RC car for fun, then nitro cars might be your best option.


  1. Electric trucks and cars

Electric RC trucks and cars are one of the best remote control cars you can buy. Regular-sized electric vehicles and remote-control vehicles have both come a long way. These vehicles are not only efficient, but also pretty fast. Such cars come in different varieties. You could either buy a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive version.

Moreover, electric RC cars come in various designs and colors, so as to suit everyone’s preferences. For example, you can buy a small version of the Ford Bronco,  or one that looks like an F1 vehicle or even a monster truck.

Some reputed resellers and online marketplaces even offer the option to customize the batteries, chargers, and adopters per their preferences. If you use the RCs quite often, opting for a bigger battery and a faster charger is better.


  1. Gas-powered cars

Gas-powered RC cars are similar to your regular cars and trucks. You need to put gasoline into the vehicle for it to run, and these vehicles are quite fast.

The best part about these RCs is that you just need to fill in the gasoline and are ready to use the car. You do not have to wait for it to charge or swap out batteries for a new one. It is one of the most favorable cars for RC enthusiasts.


  1. Speed-based cars

RC cars are categorized into three types depending upon their speed: 30mph+, 50mph+, and 70 mph+. You may be surprised to know that RCs can now achieve speeds of more than seventy miles per hour, but it is true. Under these categories, almost all types of cars are available, from gasoline and nitro to electric.

However, when you buy a high-speed RCs, remember to get ones that come with a roll cage if you’re new to the hobby so that the outer frame is not damaged even if the car rolls over.

Ensure that you only buy the RC cars from a reputed online marketplace to enjoy the benefits of higher quality services and better products.









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