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French Fries and Margarita – ‘CRIMES AGAINST NATURE’ – Premiere

After listening to their debut single ‘CRIMES AGAINST NATURE’, the question on everyone’s lips will be: who exactly is French Fries and Margarita?

Although you might want to know, their identity is hidden under lock-and-key. As a non-binary artist celebrating queer love, they are constricted by the dangers that plague them in their own home nation. It’s equal parts heartbreaking and hopeful; although we cannot exactly know who they are, French Fries and Margarita is still choosing to put themselves (and their heart) out there for us to hear, explore, and fall in love with. Fusing sleek French culture with a deft DIY pop production, French Fries and Margarita is a powerhouse; defiantly breaking the barriers placed upon them from in their country. ‘CRIMES AGAINST NATURE’  is the perfect debut single — highlighting the bravery of FFM for standing up for themselves while also responding to the inhumane ways queer love is challenged and hidden in places around the world.

The non-binary pop artist is debuting their defiant and brilliant debut single exclusively with 1883, have a listen below!


Check out ‘CRIMES AGAINST NATURE’ below.

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