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Gambling Fashion: The Best Online Casino Layouts – Jet Casino

This time, the online parade catwalk is reserved for online casinos, websites that offer gambling games that can also be played for free. While their games are always evolving in terms of graphics and good looks, the layout of websites and apps is the first thing users see.  

The purpose of this article, therefore, is to evaluate which online casinos were preoccupied the most with their appearance. Good combinations of colors, as well as an organized user interface, can really change perspectives and the experience of any visitor. That said, it is time to know the best online casino layouts nowadays.


Top 5 Looking-Good Online Casinos

Under the spotlights of the online casinos, five websites and their apps were chosen to compose this ranking. It is important to highlight that this listing is limited to their appearance and that other parameters should be analyzed prior to betting on them.


1.   Jet Casino 

Jet Casino has a modern style and makes simple use of dark colors, which are common in casinos. Instead of pure black, they invested in shades of blue and purple, which made a perfect combination with the colorful thumbnails of slot games.

All main categories and links are close by but duly spaced and giving room for users to navigate easily. Therefore, its simple but organized and beautiful layout deserves a place in this ranking.


2.   Spin Casino 

Spin Casino shares the same layout and catalog as some other online casinos of the same group, like JackpotCity Casino. Even so, it is the one that best suggests in its landing page what a marvelous layout there is after signing up. 

It preferred to use white and light shades and feature its games and bonuses, which also works honestly well.


3.   PlayAmo Casino

PlayAmo does not save room and prefers to have big thumbnails, which actually worked pretty well with their current layout. In fact, it has a unique look, with game categories above the top titles and the side menu really close to it.

Although its layout is primarily dark, the buttons of PlayAmo Casino are colored, and there is even an avatar for the users that changes with their VIP level.


4.   NetBet Casino

NetBet is the first one to appear on this list that offers more than casino games. While its sports betting platform does not count on any surprises layout-wise, its casino page is colorful and gives that feeling of entertainment you seek on a casino. Similar to Spin Casino, it chose not to go with dark colors and kept its background white.

Almost everything is animated and opens up an additional menu or details, increasing the number of features opened from a single click or tap on the screen. Definitely well thought in terms of user experience.


5.   Fantasino Casino

The combination of a childish style almost makes Fantasino look like a social gambling website rather than a real online casino. It combines the descriptive style of Netbet, trying to convince people to play on it, with the big thumbnails PlayAmo loves.

Those looking for an experience that comes almost like a marketing flyer should take a look at it. In terms of features and games, it is not much different from the other websites listed here.


The Looks are Not Everything

Online casinos that look good most often also count on great features and provide excellence in user experience. Not to mention that a great design demands a great investment of time and money, which would eliminate most companies that are not serious. 

Even so, it is noteworthy that, unless you are planning on playing the demo free version of slots and card games forever, there are other parameters to pay attention to. Check out their reputation and also how they protect your data and money before starting to bet. That way, you will enjoy their fashion layout and beautifully designed games without any concerns. 


Online casinos are expanding in number and versatility and investing in their looks, which means the ones with the best layouts deserve a ranking to call theirs.

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