Going Beyond Diamonds: What Precious Stone Should You Choose for an Engagement Ring?

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Did you know that Princess Eugenie, Victoria Beckham, Princess Diana, and Halle Berry all decided to go for a non-diamond engagement ring?

Gemstone engagement rings are increasing in popularity because of the unique qualities that make them perfect as center stones. You don’t have to limit these picks to centerpieces as the following look great as accents.


Ruby Rings: Traditionally Associated With Love

Red is the color of life, intensity, anger, passion, and love. Rubies represent all of those emotions and are honored for their association with wealth and beauty. There are many types of rubies to choose from, including orange, violet, pink-red and wine-colored. Giving a ruby ring as an engagement present implies that your lover will be faithful, intimate, and provide passionate commitment throughout your lifetime. If you want to choose the perfect engagement ring for your fiance, take a look at Diamondere’s ruby rings as there are plenty to choose from.


Emerald Rings: Traditionally Associated With Commitment

The earliest records of people wearing emerald rings involve the Sumerians which believed they had anti-inflammatory properties around the eyes. It was common to give an emerald ring to a lover who experienced swelling issues, but their popularity expanded to mean unwavering love and commitment. Giving women an emerald ring is a wish for good luck, peace, and longevity in their new marriage. Ring aficionados would encourage new couples to go with a platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold ring post to bring out the brilliant green colors on the stone.


Aquamarine Rings: Traditionally Associated With Good Energy

In many cultures, the ring finger symbolizes the way to someone’s heart, including our own, but when an aquamarine ring is placed on the hand, it indicates good energy in marriage. Blue stones personify devotion, love, longevity and vitality, and loyalty. Aquamarine rings expressly represent openness, courage, and everlasting love. As it’s a transparent blue stone, it can reflect light specularly and look similar to the ocean. Crystal experts believe that this stone can make the wearer feel empowered and bring out the kindness and empathy in others.


Alexandrite Rings: Traditionally Associated With Fortune

Alexandrite was found by accident by emerald miners and is thus associated with good fortune and good omens, which is precisely what you want as a new couple. It’s a color-changing stone and can shift from deep aqua green to a magenta and finally to a lavender eggplant purple. As it’s a stone of change, it’s considered a powerful grounding source and is thought to have spiritual powers and significance. Alexandrite is a hard stone that can stand up to a lot of knocking. Choose a silver or platinum base, so it doesn’t clash with its multiple colors.

Sapphire Rings: Traditionally Associated With Loyalty

Choosing the sapphire as a centerpiece for an engagement ring is a fantastic choice because it’s the second most popular gemstone globally. Sapphires represent trust, loyalty, and truth, which are essential characteristics for a lifelong relationship. Royalty still prefers this stone as sapphire commonly uses old setting and gem cutting techniques that give each ring its own unique look. Colors range from pink to yellow and look great on all metal bases. Sapphires are one of the hardest stones available and won’t break or crack under tough conditions.


Tanzanite Rings: Traditionally Associated With Truth

Tanzanite engagement rings are valued for their rarity, breathtaking blue/purple coloring, and intense depth. Rarer than diamonds, tanzanite is only found in Tanzania at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro and is one of the most recently discovered gemstones. This unique stone is believed to give wearers with honesty, knowledge, and truth and promote a higher form of spiritual love and insight. Since tanzanite has a characteristic known as trichroism and shifts between multiple flashes of color, it’s better to pick a white gold or silver base for these stones.


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