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Holiday Recipes That Won’t Destroy Your Waistline

With the holidays right around the corner, families from all parts of the world will be getting together to enjoy each other’s company and some delicious treats. The only problem is, there will be too many delicious treats. Turkey, ham, desserts, and you name it, it will all be served and everyone will partake. There is nothing wrong with eating a little here and there, but if you are on a diet or diabetic, the temptation can be enough to drive you crazy. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case as there are some delicious holiday recipes and desserts that won’t destroy all your progress. Whether you are trying to maintain your diet, watch your waistline, or stay healthy, you’ll want to partake in the following recipes.

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Golden Apricot-Glazed Turkey Breast

The holidays simply wouldn’t be the holidays without turkey or ham. While not all turkey recipes are healthy or even that tasty, this is one that’ll drive your taste buds crazy while also keeping you in shape. This turkey is basted with a simple glaze, but it is one that is so delicious that you’ll want to partake every day of the year. The recipe delivers a wonderfully moist and tender turkey that give off a beautiful golden brown coating. Put this turkey on the table and it’ll easily become the main centerpiece that you’ll guests will love to dive right into. Once you are done serving the family and guests, you can even use the leftovers to make turkey sandwiches while you play gambling games from quality online providers like kasyno.


Creamy Pumpkin Hummus 

Most people associate pumpkin with Halloween, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. In fact, pumpkin pie is perfect any time of the year. The only problem is, it’s too sweet and fattening. Well, this hummus version isn’t. You can serve this recipe with sliced apples, pear, and pits chips and you’ll have an entire dessert dish so delicious that absolutely no one will know they are actually eating healthy. Top it with some toasted pumpkin seeds or a drizzle of pumpkin oil and you’ll be doing wonders for the entire recipe. Some people will even substitute with fried safe leave, but either way, you can’t go wrong!


Cranberry Roasted Squash

Whether you are a sloty online player or a poker player, you probably already know that cranberry and squash are the perfect combinations for the holiday season. Once again, while they both might be so delicious they are even so fattening. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. Especially not when you take advantage of recipes like this one. This recipe was created one day by a lonesome housewife who was looking for a warm, fragrant side dish to serve at her family holiday table. With this recipe, she got more than she could have ever hoped for. The aroma of the squash along with the cooking cranberries is just so much that it’ll fill your entire kitchen and oven with an aromatic scent that’ll drive your guest crazy. Their mouths and tummies will be salivating and rumbling before they take their first bite.


Blue-Ribbon Herb Rolls

You can have a complete holiday table without rolls or some kind of bread. The major problem with this is that bread is so fattening. That doesn’t have to be the case when you take advantage of these herb-infused rolls. They have been a favorite of many families for over 25 years and some people will even bake them in old wood stoves. If you are fortunate enough to be able to do this, you’ll be brought back t memories of your childhood on the farm. This recipe was developed by a professional chef when he was experimenting with several different bread-making techniques. You certainly won’t be disappointed with what he created here. There is a reason that this recipe won a blue ribbon at the county fair. And, you’ll understand just why when you take your first bite.


Herb-Roasted Olive And Tomatoes

When most people think about the holidays, they don’t necessarily think about olives and tomatoes. Well, that would be a mistake and you’ll understand why when you take one bite of this herb-roasted dish. The veggies are roasted with a side of crunchy and can be coupled with a variety of cheeses to add an even more exotic flavoring. What you have leftover, you can toss on your spaghetti the next day and you’ll be just as happy as a peacock with your creation. Your guests won’t complain either!


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