How Demographics of Video Gaming Have Changed during the Last Decade

The era of video gaming dates back to the early 1950s, and ever since, it has been a hit amongst humans worldwide, belonging to all age groups.

This is an important reason it has gone through some significant developmental changes over the years, as per advancements in technology. The universe of gamers has continued to expand globally. It has led to the development of every genre that has a public interest; ranging from first-person shooting in Call of Duty to multi-player action in Mortal Kombat, and from group competitions in PUBG to online free games that also offer demo versions to get the hang of it, as with the Dog House Megaways demo, an online casino game, adding to the list of many games in the online promotion industry. Other than this, another interesting act was the invent of mobile slots, providing all the fun through an online slot machine. Various other businesses have found solace in video games to boost their growth, be it the beauty industry promoting through dress up/makeup games or the sports industry through FIFA, NBA, or cricket.


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The last 10 years

The mainstream stereotype surrounding video gaming states that its users include just the teenage boys, which was displayed within the games. Ample research studies have proved how up until gaming was only associated with the consoles; it was primarily popular amongst the male population. However, the last decade has seen its evolution to mobile gaming. The result of which was vast exposure of games, within the females, and the older and even the young children.

Demographic Changes

Let us consider the following list in understanding the changes in demographics that have led to the superb quality of games that we play at current:

  • From low screen resolution to the current 4K resolution, with high-end graphics giving the best user experience.
  • Earlier acquiring less overall space in the hard drive to now needing tons of GBs. E.g., last year’s version of Call of Duty that went viral at the fastest rate required a whopping 175GB of space.
  • The appearances of characters have gone from being in a basic get up to now trendiest clothing attires.
  • With the awareness of keeping all skin colors equal, there are now options to assign your skin’s exact color to your character.
  • From the previous one person voice-over, the industry has now emerged to including a diverse range of voices and languages for players of all cultures.
  • Considering how most games are available on mobiles, the accessibility has improved, and so has the user response.
  • An increased number of female players shifted from thrillers to mystery-solving/puzzles and even general competitions, e.g., word games, board games, etc.
  • The online live streaming on Twitch or YouTube has allowed millions of gamers to interact with others of their level, increase unity, and raise more awareness. Learn more about OBS Streaming on a Cloud Desktop.
  • Game development has become more accessible, hence inviting more interested programmers to implement their ideas for newer games.

What does the future hold?

Considering the evolution video gaming has gone through the past decade, from being played through just consoles to later evolving on portable devices, i.e., PSP to now being readily available on smartphones, it is evident how it seems to be modernizing every day. A simple proof would be comparing versions of games that were published 10 years ago to one that has been published recently, and one would notice apparent changes in the quality of graphics, colors, resolution, ease of operations, character development, change of policies, diversity of cultures and many more forming a long list.

Perhaps a significant addition has been online casinos, or mobile gambling, as the term goes, referring to games that allow users to use their skills and money to compete with others over the internet. It has been immense assistance to casinos all over the world in providing online platforms to their players. The user interaction over these apps has seen a considerable surge over the last 10 years, making it legal to gamble through phones in many countries and reach gigantic sums of revenues. The developers have improved slot machines’ experience in phones, thus also resulting in live streaming of various slot games or table games with a big-numbered fan base. Other than this, a few more general reasons leading to the rise of mobile casino games include how they are more accessible, especially for those willing to play it at any time possible, from the comfort of their homes, at just a click away. Also, mobiles provide more security, as per enclosing the confidential stuff by ID/pass and biometrics. We keep our phones as close to ourselves as our organs, which is why it is considered the most convenient method to interact through phones rather than physically moving to a location. Therefore, this fact makes casino games more interactive and innovative, allowing players to engage with various gestures of their phone, e.g., swiping or shaking the phone to roll dice, etc. The touch screen feature provides an interface that allows the players to experience every little detail of the game and grasp it better than one would when playing it amongst a crowd at the real location.


We live in an era that is continuously adapting to newer ways of innovation in technologies, given how the IT world is taking over physical labor. Thus, it only makes sense how everything associated with the technology is expected to evolve along, including video games. Perhaps the future video gaming would future holograms instead of screens, or the chance for players to interact directly with hand gestures. Some of it has already been introduced through Xbox and VR goggles, allowing tackling the gaming actions through stimulation. Who knows, the future might hold gaming championships that are already expected to beat the audience at physical championships, given how it would be easier to attend than flying or driving to the spot.



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