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How To Be a Successful YouTube Singer

Many talented singers become successful after being discovered by creating videos on YouTube. Uploading a video is more straightforward without the hassles often involved with a team of collaborators. Fame can sometimes be virtually instant.

In order to gain fans in the past, hopeful singers needed to attract a recording contract with a band in tow and an agent working for their best interest. Currently, anyone can present their talent from age 13 + with parental approval on their own in a video. 

A priority is mastering the basics of singing so you can create unique material to engage and entertain the streaming audience. Talented singers can earn a substantial monetary amount, particularly with sponsorship. 

Statistics indicate that YouTubers earning upwards of “six figures” are increasing over “40 percent each year,” according to Fortune, with many vocalists using the platform for their entire livelihood. How can you become a successful YouTube singer? Let’s all find out.

Tips On Becoming a Successful YouTube Singer

Singers used to need a team, including an agent to help them get into the business, a band to back them up, and a recording contract to ensure compensation. Nowadays, with the advent of YouTube video creation, things are much simpler for talented singers.

Now, singers can upload their music, allowing them to make substantial money, especially if sponsored, to the point where they don’t need a day job. It might sound easy, but learning to sing takes hard work and commitment. 

Without skill, establishing an audience can be challenging. Find guidance on how to build a music career by visiting Then, follow here for some tips on becoming a successful singer on YouTube.

Learning to sing

The obvious first step is to learn the basics of singing, a primary factor for success as a vocalist on any platform. An audience typically allows for poor lighting and even a video with some background interference if your voice is incredible. However, if you think you can mask vocals with technology, that won’t happen.

Excellent tools are available to help artists with errors periodically, but these don’t cover poor performances.

If you desire to become a successful YouTube singer, the best way to get there is to learn basic proper singing, from which you can evolve into a more advanced performer. 

A vocal coach or voice teacher or even a singing course are options for getting started on your path. Read here for details on how to become a singer.


Once you begin working on the vocal aspect, YouTube tools are the next component to master. A professional camera is essential, and these have become more affordable and accessible for the average person. The recommendation is to purchase a “DSLR camera to upload HD video.”

YouTube automatically develops the lowest quality resolution, so they recommend that you upload the highest quality. That will mean a camera with at least a “1080p resolution and 1/8” audio input for the mic” for the sound to be simply input into the camera.

Along with the camera, an investment in lighting is worthwhile. Poor lighting can ruin your video. The recommendation is to purchase “two softbox lights.”

One of these is essentially your spotlight, while the other acts almost as a glow surrounding your head, situating it to focus on the side of your head.

The goal is to get equipment you can “set and forget” while performing, so investing in quality upfront will be worth the cost.

The microphone

The mic is critical to the quality of the audio. Camera mics will pick up much ambient noise while shooting. An external mic will prevent this.

You can choose either an overhead option that sits on a stand above your head, invisible in the video, or a studio mic that stays in front of you as you sing, visible in the shot.

An overhead mic allows a natural appearance and the ability to move freely while still enjoying clarity with the sound. Similarly, a studio mic can provide a professional look with high-quality audio. 

In either situation, practice with the one you choose before recording to get the sound perfected.


Once you create your content, it needs to be adequately edited. The recommendation is to get video editing and audio recording software when making the video. 

Often, singers will pull the audio from the camera for use in the final cut but doing this without adding “compression or reverb” means missing out on tremendous audio sound. 

When doing your due diligence in research, you can find free programs; some are amazing software. Whichever you use, the primary factor is making sure it’s user-friendly and makes you sound and look incredible.

Create a unique version

Now that you have the mechanics, the song will set you apart from everyone else in the crowd, and that crowd is vast. Users will be looking for specific songs, but they will also look for different variations, and some will want to hear new music. 

The objective is to do it in your own unique way. If it’s a country song, do it in a different genre, make it sound unrecognizable but good. You can do someone else’s song the same way they did it but do it better or, as well, give a remarkable impression of the original. 

Final Thought

You can be successful singing on YouTube, but there are steps you need to take and investments to make to get to that point. The first step is to learn to sing properly and well. This can involve using a singing course or a voice teacher or vocal coach to fully develop your skills.

When your voice has reached a fantastic level, investing in high-quality video and audio equipment will bring that out so the audience will want to watch and keep coming back.

When you develop a fan base and sponsorship, you’re well on your way to a career as a professional singer, making a lucrative living.

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