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How to Customize Your Own Pelican Case: Secure Storage for Sensitive Electronics

Customizing your Pelican case ensures that your sensitive electronics are not only well-protected against impacts, vibrations, and environmental factors but also neatly organized for ease of use. By personalizing the foam inside your Pelican case, you can create tailored spots for each component, minimizing movement and providing optimal protection. This process can be critical for professionals who rely on the safe transport of photographic equipment, drones, or even medical devices. Check out Custom Case Pros for some inspiration.

A hand holding a customized pelican case open, with a laptop, camera, and other electronics neatly organized inside, surrounded by foam padding and custom-cut inserts

With modern customization platforms, you have the power to design a foam insert that fits the exact dimensions of your items. The inclusion of state-of-the-art technologies in the customization process such as water jet precision cutting guarantees that your designs are accurately brought to life, adhering to your specifications. This allows your electronics to sit securely within the rugged exterior that Pelican cases are known for.

In addition to foam customization, you can also choose to create custom case panels, which further enhance the functionality of your Pelican case. These can include mounting ports, internal partitions, and even hinged structures to support electronics integration within the case itself, ensuring that every aspect of your equipment’s protection and accessibility is taken into account. The goal is not only to safeguard your gear but to do so in a way that reflects the unique needs of your professional or recreational activities.

Understanding Pelican Cases

When you’re aiming to safeguard your sensitive electronics, Pelican cases stand as a pillar of protection and durability against various conditions including pressure changes, humidity, and rough terrain.

History and Reputation of Pelican Cases

Pelican has established a reliable reputation since its inception for providing ultimate protection for a variety of equipment. Known for their robustness, these cases are designed to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring that sensitive equipment remains secure in various environments.

Features of Pelican Protective Cases

Pelican protective cases are engineered with a multitude of features conducive for safeguarding your valuables:

  • Watertight: Gaskets seal the cases against moisture ingress.
  • Durability: Constructed with impact-resistant materials suited for rough handling and terrain.
  • Pressure Regulation: Automatic pressure equalization valves maintain internal pressure while keeping water out.
  • Customizable Interiors: Options for customized foam inserts for tailored cushioning and stability.
  • Locking Mechanism: Sturdy latches and reinforced padlock protectors for enhanced security.

Customization Essentials

Customizing your Pelican case effectively safeguards your sensitive equipment and gear. By tailoring the interior specifically to your items, you ensure maximum protection against impact, vibration, and environmental factors.

Determining Your Customization Needs

Before selecting your case, it’s crucial to assess the specific needs of your equipment. Consider the fragility, dimensions, and the nature of your sensitive gear, particularly if you’re a professional in fields such as photography or audiovisual media. Key aspects to consider include:

  • Protection Required: Analyze if your equipment requires additional cushioning or if it is prone to damage from shocks and impacts.
  • Size and Layout: Measure your gear accurately to ensure it will fit correctly in the case without excessive movement.
  • Environmental Factors: Determine if your gear is sensitive to dust, water, or other environmental conditions and needs special attention.
  • Access and Functionality: Consider how often you need to access your equipment and if you require any special features for ease of use, like lid stays or easy-to-operate latches.

Choosing the Right Pelican Case Model

Selecting the appropriate Pelican case model is a decisive step in the customization process. Pelican offers a variety of case styles, each serving different purposes:

  • Protector Cases: The original line known for being waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof — ideal for extremely delicate or valuable gear.
  • Air Cases: These are up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases, making them suitable for when portability is a key concern.

Here’s a simplified way to match your equipment to a case model:

Equipment TypeSuggested Pelican Case Model
Cameras and LensesProtector Cases
Drones or ElectronicsAir Cases
Rifles or Long EquipmentLong Cases

Remember, the design phase for your custom case is not merely about aesthetics; it’s about creating a functional space tailored to your equipment’s specifications and handling requirements.

Designing Custom Foam Inserts

To ensure your sensitive electronics are adequately protected, designing custom foam inserts for your Pelican case is crucial. Careful selection of foam and attention to the layout are essential for both safeguarding your items and maintaining aesthetics.

Custom Foam Selection

Material: Select a foam that complements the durability of your Pelican case. High-density foams are typically recommended for maximum protection. Compatibility: Ensure the foam you choose is compatible with your specific Pelican case model for a snug fit. Attributes: Consider foams that are tear-resistant and can withstand repeated use. Some foam types are also anti-static, which is preferable for sensitive electronics to prevent damage from electrostatic discharges.

Creating the Layout

Design Process: Utilize an online Custom Foam Design Center or a similar platform to outline the precise dimensions of your electronics.

1. MeasureAccurately measure your electronic components.
2. TraceTrace these measurements onto the foam design interface.
3. ArrangePosition items for optimal space utilization and protection.
4. CutAfter finalizing the design, the foam is precisely cut, often with a water jet machine for accuracy.

Test Fit: Before finalizing your design, do a trial fitting with a prototype if possible. This ensures every electronic component fits securely within the custom foam insert. Remember, well-designed custom foam inserts not only secure your electronics during transport but also present a professional and organized appearance every time you open your case.

Accessorizing Your Pelican Case

When customizing your Pelican case, selecting the right accessories is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality. With specialized additions, your case can meet professional standards for protection and convenience.

Selecting Appropriate Accessories

  • Professional Standards: Ensure accessories meet the rigorous standards expected by industry professionals. Pelican products are designed to offer superior protection, which means choosing original Pelican accessories is key for maintaining the integrity and warranty of your case. These can range from padded dividers, lid organizers, and utility pouches to TSA-approved locks.
  • Customization for Protection: Opt for accessories that maximize the protection of your sensitive electronics. Such accessories could include anti-static foam inserts or reinforced panel frames. Pelican engineers take into account the bespoke nature of your needs, so you can trust that each accessory is intended to enhance the Pelican case’s innate durability.

Enhancing Case Functionality

  • Utility and Aesthetics: Accessories should not only protect but also facilitate ease of use. Consider adding a shoulder strap for portability or a set of nameplates to personalize and identify your Pelican case with ease.

  • Engineered Add-Ons: Pelican engineers have designed a variety of aftermarket products to enhance the utility of your case. These may include:

    • Caster Wheels: For heavy cases, add mobility with robust caster wheels.
    • Desiccant Silica Gel: To protect against moisture damage, especially in humid environments.
    • Bezel Kits: If integrating electronics directly into your case, bezel kits can provide a seamless fit and professional finish.

Choose accessories that fulfill your specific needs and maintain the high standards of protection and functionality synonymous with Pelican products. Remember, the right accessories can extend the life and utility of your Pelican case far beyond its basic functions.


When securing your sensitive electronics, customizing your Pelican case is a strategic decision that ensures maximum protection. With the information discussed, you are now equipped to tailor a solution perfectly suited to your needs.

  • The use of custom foam inserts allows precise fitting for each device, ensuring that individual components are snug and secure.
  • Durability is a given with Pelican cases, which undergo rigorous testing, including multiple drop tests, to protect your gear against impacts.
  • A range of design options provides versatility, allowing you to use your case effectively for a variety of purposes without compromising on security.


  1. Measure your gear accurately to guarantee a perfect fit for the foam inserts.
  2. Consider creating multiple layers or sections within your foam for additional organization.
  3. Test the configuration with your equipment to ensure complete satisfaction with the insert layout and cushioning.

By personalizing your case, you create a protective environment that reflects the value of your equipment. It’s an investment that safeguards functionality and extends the lifespan of your electronics. Now, move forward with confidence, knowing your gear is well-protected in a case designed by you, for you.

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