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How to have a green wedding?

Despite the current situation, you may still be dreaming about your wedding day and even be planning for it and so you should!

While weddings are great, they also produce a lot of waste such as paper napkins or excess food being thrown away but don’t despair, there are definitely ways around it. We’ve put together some eco-friendly tips for nature lovers and people who wish to keep their wedding as sustainable as possible.

The venue

If you want to keep your venue as nature friendly as possible then you could choose to completely ditch it all together and do an outdoor wedding. Forest weddings are becoming more and more popular as they are beautiful, pure and simple. However, if you live in a country or region where the rain is omnipresent, then why not choose a venue that is environmental-friendly such as a barn, a farm or even a polytunnel. Polytunnels are seeing a real surge in popularity for wedding venues, you normally find them on beautiful castle grounds, they blend beautifully and can be decorated to your taste with flowers.

The food

If you really want to keep your carbon footprint as low as possible for your big day, then there’s nothing better than offering to your guests a vegan menu. It’s delicious and you can have nice party food such as vegan pizza, hotdogs and burgers as well as super classy food. If you’re not prepared to go vegan for your menu then don’t worry, there are ways around it, you can create a locally sourced menu. Ask local farmers and butchers for some advice and prices. The same goes for your drinks, locally sourced wines are a must. Wine merchants will focus on finding great local, organic and vegan wines.

The decorations

For your flowers, make sure to source locally grown flowers and plants. Potted greenery would be even better as you can just keep them after your wedding day instead of throwing them but if you go for cut flowers, you can choose to donate them to a local care home or hospital. For your decorations, try using recycled bits and pieces that you or your family own such as mirrors, lanterns, chairs and tables. If you decided not to keep any decoration post-wedding, then you can always choose to donate them to a local thrift store. If you have to use décor that would need to be thrown away, opt for biodegradable or sustainable brands.


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