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How to live a life of travel

The concept of international travel has been completely undermined by the coronavirus pandemic, which has now claimed in excess of 508,000 lives across the globe.

However, while Greece recently announced that it is extending its ban on UK flights for another two weeks at least, countries throughout the world are finally beginning to reopen their international borders as measures such as social distancing are eased, allowing car rental’s such Limo Rental Orlando to be back in business. 

This is good news for anyone who aspires to a life of travel and exploration, particularly those who want to embrace this as a viable lifestyle option. But how can you realistically pursue a life of travel once the world has finally returned to some form of normality?


  1. Sacrifice Where Necessary

Let’s start with the basics; as a life of travel is not possible without having the necessary income to fund flights, accommodation and the cost of living while abroad.

To achieve this objective, you may need to make some serious and considered sacrifices, based primarily on your future lifestyle and the precise plans that you’re looking to put in place.

For example, if you intend to travel from one country to another, you may be willing to consider selling your domestic home or at least renting this out to private tenants. Similarly, you’re unlikely to need a permanent car, and selling this can produce some additional income while helping to drive monthly cash savings.

The key is to make informed observations that suit your circumstances, and select viable sacrifices which will produce the best possible returns.


  1. Be Willing to Work While on the Move 

Regardless of what fiscal or material sacrifices you make, the chances are that you may have to generate some additional income while travelling.

So, while nobody enjoys the concept of a working holiday, this may prove to be a viable compromise that enables you to see the world and extend your brand new lifestyle.

The question that remains, of course, is how do you generate income as a traveller without compromising on your experience abroad? Well, one option is trade forex and similar assets online, as this can deliver a passive source of income with a schedule that’s tailored to suit your exact circumstances.

If you have a marketable skill such as software development or copywriting, you can also market yourself as a freelancer and undertake contractual work that crosses international borders.


  1. Travel Long-term in Affordable Places


Ultimately, being able to enjoy a long-term life of travel relies on your ability to prioritise affordable places across the globe.

Some of the best options for a UK traveller include Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, with the former home to nations such as Thailand and the Philippines where a budget conscious individual can realistically get by on as little as $30 per day.

This is considerably more affordable than locations in Western Europe and Australia, and your capital can certainly stretch further if you’re prepared to travel further.

Of course, this may also create challenges in terms of learning a new language and adapting to unfamiliar customs, but this should be fine so long as you’re willing to invest time and effort into these endeavours.



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