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How to Start Your Career as an Influencer in a Few Easy Steps

Once laughed at as vain attempts to be a minor celebrity, being an influencer has recently turned into a valid and affluent means of making a living – and it’s easier than ever.

From the second you build your name, perhaps from a blog name generator in order to create a unique and professional name, you’re on the path to building a brand out of yourself and the things in life that you love and have a passion for.

If you’re wondering how you get started on the road to becoming an influencer, read on for our handy guide and tips.


Build your brand

Your brand is the foundation of everything else you will do as an influencer. It will inform what your overall look will be, what content you put out, and what contracts you take to make money.While working on building your personal brand and fan base, consider legally establishing your influence as a business entity. For those living in the Golden State, a guide on llc formation california could be immensely helpful, making sure you comply with all local and state business requirements while optimizing your operations.

For an influencer, establishing your brand will take two things: what do you have a passion for and who you are aiming at. Sometimes one will inform the other, or one will outright dictate the other, and sometimes it’s just a matter of doing what you love and seeing who responds.

Keep your expected demographic in mind, however, to avoid any mishaps in content. If your content is aimed at children, for example, or parents, it would be best to avoid subject matters that children shouldn’t be privy to.

Products don’t only take their demographic, but what they stand for into account. Since you are likely to be the product, think about what you stand for. This doesn’t mean you have to be an activist – although no one is stopping you from incorporating that – but what a brand stands for is more to do with what the audience intends to get out of the business.

For example, Nike’s “swoosh” tick evokes feelings of movement and speed, everything the sports industry is built on. Think about what makes you, you. Are you a book lover that is multilingual so you like reading out books in different languages? Take those building blocks and build your brand around them.

Build your platform

Your branding will then inform what content you put out, and in turn, where you distribute it. It will also most likely be dictated by the type of media you intend to create. For example, if you intend to write a blog, you’d be better off on WIX, if you are into photography or modelling, you’d be best going with Instagram, and if you prefer video content you can look to YouTube or TikTok.

Tailor every piece of content you make to your branding. Being an influencer can see you becoming an entire filming crew, plus photographer, and writer, and everything in between. Once you gain a following and start making some money you can start outsourcing these tasks to freelancers, but in the meantime, you are able to control everything you record and distribute. Also Read: How to See Instagram Activity History?

So, make sure that it is aimed at your audience, and suitable. Big influencers are constantly criticised for the content they give to their “impressionable young audience”. If you’re not aiming for young, think about what your followers will appreciate. Everything from your graphics to your subject matter should be designed to engage your audience and keep their eyes on you.

Build your website

There isn’t a business nowadays without a website, and you are a business. Your website – more than any social media platform can – will give viewers the first impression of you and what you’re all about. From there they can find out everything they need to know about you, from where they can consume more of your content to where they can make a donation to your projects.

Make sure your website is clear. Website builders like WIX offer templates that can set everything out clearly so that your audience members know where to find everything they need.

If you intend to sell any products, like merchandise or crafts, make sure the path to payment is clear of any bugs or glitches, since you don’t want anything to impede the payment process.

Build your following

The aspect most forgotten by influencers when they are first starting is the aid of digital marketing. Marketing online is far easier, cheaper, and more effective than any means of traditional marketing, but you have to know what you are doing to gain its rewards.

Sure, some influencers pick it up as they go, hearing tips like “the Instagram algorithm doesn’t like nudity”, but it would be a lot more helpful to go in with your eyes open.

Consider taking a course in digital marketing, or reading up on concepts like Search Engine Optimisation, keyword research, and affiliate marketing to make sure not only that you are getting yourself seen across various platforms, but also that you can gain commission from affiliate deals without being taken advantage of due to naivety.

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